Want to smell like donuts all day? Mad Over Donuts was making it a reality on April 1

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A donut-flavoured deodorant was announced to be launched on April 1 by India’s favourite donut brand Mad over Donuts and honestly, who would not want to smell like a donut all day? They had two introductory flavours- cinnamon and double trouble. The curiosity of MOD fans for #DonutDeo reached its peak with immense user engagement in a couple of hours of posting on social media on March 31. A day later, it was revealed as an April Fools’ Day prank and the campaign made the customers giggle, turn nostalgic about the happy times of school and college days.

Mad Over Donuts’ prank campaign named #Donutdeo became one of the best ones that leveraged advertising, marketing, social media and public relations for generating brand awareness. This product was so enticing that a bunch of influencers across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi came forward to help spread the buzz with their fans, expressing their enthusiasm and persuading people to go and try the product by visiting the stores.

Over 500 comments were received in just a couple of hours of announcing the #DonutDeo launch. This campaign related so well with our target audience that a bunch of customers who love the brand, visited our stores to inquire about the #DonutDeo. Fizzing with playful ideas, the MOD staff pranked the fans, filling the stores with laughter and surprise. These customers were then rewarded with donuts of their choice which made them even more elated. They tremendously loved the prank and engaged back on social platforms to appreciate the efforts of MOD. In-store walk-ins also saw a rise as a lot of patrons, spiked with curiosity, came forward to learn more and try out the product. On the other hand, the entire digital campaign resulted in high traffic on April 1.

The brand received a huge influx of DMs and comments; public relations spearheaded the campaign by spreading the word to a wide range of customers.

Delighted by the response and the efficient collaborations of different streams in making this campaign a success, Mr Tarak Bhattacharya, Executive Director, Mad over Donuts, said, “In the current difficult times, such interactive, fun campaigns is what can help brands keep customers closer to them. From a marketing outlook, new ideas keep our patrons engaged and looking forward to trying our products. Through the prank campaign, we made our fans realise what it was like to play pranks on their near and dear ones and how much we all miss these small things now. Such feelings will always remain with MOD lovers every time they think about us and that is what makes us an unmatched success in the industry.”

This prank campaign was run by MOD to provide comic relief to its fans in the current unprecedented times. Year after year, the brand works around innovative and fun ideas for customer engagement and such successful campaigns have been instrumental in the brand’s significant success.

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