Women Inspiring Network in Association with IIT Kanpur Presents Fashion X Tech Sustainability


We are very excited that the world of fashion, technology and sustainability is coming together on the Women Inspiring Network platform. Ms. Stuti Jalan, Founder, WIN quotes, “Sustainability is the present and the future, it’s time that we have this conversation with the students and young professionals who will adopt sustainable fashion as a lifestyle inspired by an amazing set of panellist’s who are going to take the concept of sustainability forward.” Further, she adds, “The focus of the discussion will be on the changing face of fashion and how technology is now playing a role in it, Digital transformation which has taken place in the fashion industry, digital fashion weeks and share case studies, blockchain fashion system which designers are adapting in India.”

We are ecstatic to take the conversation forward with Ms Bandana Tewari, a lifestyle editor, a sustainable fashion activist and formerly the editor-at-large as well as the fashion features director of Vogue India.

We are glad to have Ms Roma Narsinghania, Artisanal Jewelry Designer who is participating in the Helsinki Fashion Week with this year’s focus on 3D Technology and Digital Sustainability. She quips, “Reimagining design to bring functionality and innovation is not a choice, it is a necessity. During this time, as brands, we need to imagine a better future which encourages conscious and ethical practices and use that to design for a new kind of consumer and environment. While we are moving away from certainty, it is also opening up an abundance of new opportunities such as integrating digital tools starting from the brands’ decentralized supply chain where handmade can become more efficient to visual communication with a completely new way of storytelling.”

Mr Adhiraj Singh, Art Director, Lota Design LOTA is an exploration into the intersection of sustainability, fashion and emerging technology. It aims to give a new life to tones of fabric waste discarded every hour by the mainstream fashion industry by collaging it into newer experiences.

He says “There’s a paradigm shift happening within the visual communication landscape as the tools for 3D, UI/UX, AR/VR and publishing continue to improve and get more democratized. It’s extremely exciting as the traditional dependence on physical systems, be it, photographers, set designers, environments or models can be replaced by photorealistic digital ones. More importantly, besides being a less wasteful way to create the imagery, it has opened up its key value- The possibility for untethered storytelling. This was once restricted by cost, teams and physical restraints but are now only being restricted by our imagination. The pandemic seems to have only accelerated this shift as brands continue to realize its value. I am happy to see this initiative bridging the gap between the creative and technology communities.”