Analysis of JEE (Main) paper of January 27, 2024 (Evening Shift)

NTA has changed the difficulty level of Shift-2 as compared to the one asked in shift-1. The evening shift (shift-2) paper was a bit more difficult as compared to the one asked in Shift-1. The JEE MAIN paper of January 27, 2024 (Evening Shift) was of Moderate level. In this paper, Physics were on the moderate to difficult level whereas Chemistry was on the easier side. A detailed subject-wise analysis is given below.


The paper was by and large based on NCERT books. Very few questions in this shift were asked from Organic chemistry. Most of the questions were from the Physical Chemistry part. 2-3 questions were asked from d-block elements. Questions from prominent chapters like Thermodynamics, Bonding Alkyl and Aryl halides were asked. Overall coverage of the chapters was uniform.


The physics part was of moderate to difficult level as some good assertion-reasoning questions were there. Questions from Modern Physics, Work Power and Energy, Fluids, and Thermodynamics were there in the paper. Most of the questions were asked from the 12th class syllabus. If somebody has gone through the PYQs of the previous year’s papers, he/she will have an upper hand in the paper.


Mathematics paper was moderate to difficult just like the Shift-1 paper. Questions from Algebra were dominant in the paper. A good number of questions were asked from Vectors, 3D and Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability. Questions from Integration and Matrix and Determinants were there in the paper. Almost all the topics were covered.