Ed-tech platform Camp K12 empowers young students to become published authors at age 10

Ed-tech platform Camp K12 empowers young students to become puEd-tech platform Camp K12 empowers young students to become published authors at age 10

New Delhi: Camp K12, an ed-tech start-up focused on building a global online school for 21st century skills, is proud to announce how six of its young students aged between 8 and 14 have taken a big leap to become published authors with the company’s innovative English course. Camp K12’s students, Ishanvi Jain from Durgapur, West Bengal; Nevaeha Palkar from Pune, Maharashtra and Parvathy Ramnarayan from Kanhangad, Kerala have embarked on a relatively early journey to become published authors and clock defining new milestones.

11 year old Ishanvi Jain is an avid reader and believes in putting all her passion into everything she does. Driven by her ardent desire to write, Ishanvi found the means to achieve her goals with Camp K12’s course and authored her book titled Throne of the Sea which is an intriguing underwater conspiracy. In her words, “the right guidance made all the difference” and she was able to publish her first book. Nevaeha Palkar, the 10 year old from Pune, Maharashtra, is all set to explore her unmatched passion for writing with the launch of her novel Adventure on the Other Side. The young author articulates the story of an adventure-loving-trio and hooks the readers with the mystery in the fantasy land. 11 year old Parvathy Ramnarayan lets her imagination play in her novel The Great Escapade as she describes the exciting and intriguing adventures of Vegla, the bear. On her success, she says “It has been such an exciting journey for me, right from writing my book to publishing it at just the age of 11. The trust that my English Communication Teacher showed in me made me believe that I can write a novel on my own.”

Speaking on this enterprising initiative by the company, Anshul Bhagi, Founder, Camp K12 said “I believe that the power to articulate is among the strongest skills a child can possess and can go a long way in their overall journey beyond their careers. I also feel that the best way for children to master new skills is to learn by doing. This is what propelled us to launch an English program that not only builds fluency and comfort in Grammar, Vocabulary, and English fundamentals, but goes above and beyond to unlock each child’s creative potential and build empowerment through hands-on projects and global, real-world exposure. Camp K12 students build confidence in public speaking by articulating themselves in front of Live audiences, and they build confidence in writing by publishing a novel for the world to consume. More than English, our children learn that they are not too young to create, not too young to influence the world with their opinions, not too young to change the status quo. We have a strong vision to scale this program worldwide and shape the future of many more young learners.”

Camp K12 recently launched its English Communication course which covers fundamental skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Spelling, Creative Writing and Public Speaking. Every child in the programme writes and publishes a novel which is available on Amazon and Kindle, participates in international debates, gives TED styled speeches to live audiences, competes in spelling bees, and more. The company has also extended its program outside of India, and has shaped three young authors from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong. By future-proofing K12 education, Camp K12 is empowering young students worldwide to become published authors and to become the leaders of tomorrow.