EuroSchool Launches a ‘Centre of Excellence’ initiative

EuroSchool Launches a 'Centre of Excellence' initiative

India’s leading school network EuroSchool has launched a ‘Centre of Excellence for Enrichment. This is part of an ambitious initiative to bring on board world-class partners and experts to deliver skills and competencies across the school network.

The school has partnered with the world’s renowned institutions such as Dale Carnegie, Trinity College London, Cambridge English Assessments (Test Centre) Torrins, USA, National Stock Exchange Academy, Pro Grad Junior, LogIQids, Bloom & Grow, Model United Nations (Preparatory Centre) among several others, to provide professions courses to students. The purpose of this initiative is to catalyze Learning and Skill Enhancement among the students of EuroSchool by offering the best-in-class professional programs.

The main objective of this initiative is to help students gain a competitive edge and benefit from collaborations that have been made by the school management. Under CoE, students will be offered professional programs during Afterschool hours. This initiative aims at making students aware of institutional philosophy so that they get a better understanding of skills and competencies required for future irrespective of career path they may choose. In addition, special attention will be given to the visionary talents who take a special interest in innovation. Under this initiative, such children will be taught to do unprecedented and unique work through professional programs, which no school has done to date.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) will benefit all students from Kindergarten to K12. For this initiative, programs are tailormade to address the skill requirements of children across ages.

The grade-wise skills in focus are as follows:

a. Jr.KG & Sr.KG: Music, Speech & Drama

b. Grades 1 to 4: Music, Art & Craft, Block coding & Communication

c. Grades 5 to 8: Financial Awareness, Logic, Critical Thinking, Web & App Development, Python & Artificial Intelligence & Leadership Skills

d. Grades 9 to 12: Young Entrepreneurship Lab, Art, Model United Nations and NCFM by NSE Academy

Commenting on the initiative, Rahul Deshpande, CEO EuroSchool India said, “Our goal has always been to provide meaningful learning environments for our children. The Centre of Excellence is a one-of-a-kind initiative that empowers our children in their journey with EuroSchool. Students will have the opportunity to equip themselves with 21st century skills from world-class institutions at a reasonable cost. The programs will be conducted twice a week in 60min capsules and the overall duration of each course will be around 6 months. This is a landmark step towards offering skill-based & competency-based excellence in non-scholastic real-world programs…all while being in the school environment.”

“Under this initiative, high-quality professional programs will be offered through a single virtual platform. We understand that for parents, the future of their children is paramount. Keeping this in mind the CoE programs are designed from Junior KG to Grade 12 at approximately Rs.1000- 1,500 per month.

Students from Junior KG to grade 12 will be offered different programs through school by different institutions as per their convenience. Students have a plethora of courses and programs to choose from and each of them will receive certificates from world-class institutions upon successful completion. For students of Junior and Senior KG – courses include those from Torrins and YPC program from Trinity College London. Courses for children up to Grade 1 – 4 are offered by Bloom & Grow, ProGrad Junior and Cambridge. As children move into Grade 5 upto Grade 8 our partners are more on the lines of those equipping children with future-ready skills for example Dale Carnegie to impart Leadership Skills, NSE Academy for Financial Awareness, LogiquID in association with IIT Bombay Techfest will enhance Logic & Critical thinking skills. As children graduate to the higher grades ie Grade 9 to Grade 12 they will have the option to take up courses with NSE Certificate in Financial Markets by NSE Academy, Bloom & Grow for Art & Craft and Model United Nations preparatory centre will enhance global awareness.”