IIHMR University (Jaipur) enrolls admission as per extended dates announced by AICTE


Jaipur:All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has extended the last date for the Admission for B-schools to offer admission to the new batch till August 11, 2021. IIHMR University has also extended the last date of admission to 11th August 2021 subject to the availability of seats in each MBA program.IIHMR University announced the first round of the online admission process, which is scheduled for 6th-7th July 2021. University will conduct IIHMR UMAT and GD-PI every week till 11th August to select the students who are interested to join and have applied for MBA programs at IIHMR University.

Dr PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University said, “The pandemic outbreak has struck every aspect of public life, including education. We believe the lack of access to public transport is discouraging more students from reaching their allotted institute to confirm admissions, if shortening the enrolment window hurts the student, the university should make suitable adjustments for them. And therefore, we believe that this extension will be helpful for the students seeking admission.” Dr Sodani further added, “Keeping in mind the Government norms IIHMR University will conduct the GDPI process online ensuring safety measures.”

It is worth noting that IIHMR University even in these trying times when whole world has come to a standstill is working for the enhancement of knowledge of its ever-growing dynamic future leaders. The University aim to help the students get the expertize in interdisciplinary fields of quality assurance, organizational behavior, leadership, health insurance, Big Data, etc. The programs provided by IIHMR University are for the individuals and organizations engaged in areas of health management, hospital management, pharmaceutical management, development management, Artificial Intelligence, etc. at national and international levels.