New Book Release: Inward to Upward

Alpharetta, GA, September 02, 2023 –Author Amanda Moore Ortega unveils a groundbreaking guide to achieving genuine success and breaking free from the toxic-success trap with the release of her book, “Inward to Upward: Discover Your Blueprint for True Success and Escape the Toxic-Success Trap Forever.”

In a world obsessed with external markers of success, “Inward to Upward” takes readers on a transformative journey inward, encouraging them to redefine their understanding of success and build a life aligned with their authentic values. This book serves as a compass for those seeking purpose, fulfillment, and sustainable achievements.

Synopsis: “Inward to Upward” delves into the heart of the contemporary success narrative and exposes the pitfalls of the toxic-success trap. Drawing on extensive research, personal anecdotes, and insightful case studies, Amanda Moore Ortega presents a powerful framework that guides readers towards cultivating a holistic and meaningful definition of success. The book introduces practical strategies to:

Identify and align with personal values
Cultivate a growth mindset and resilience
Overcome negative thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs
Develop real self-worth by valuing your uniqueness
Embrace mindfulness and self-care for sustainable success

Unlike conventional success guides, “Inward to Upward” bridges the gap between professional accomplishments and personal well-being. Amanda Moore Ortega emphasizes the importance of nurturing one’s inner landscape to create a lasting foundation for success that is immune to the fleeting pressures of society.

Praise for “Inward to Upward”: ‘Inward to Upward’ is an easy-to-read and extremely thought-provoking book packed full of practical advice, tips and exercises you can do to overcome burnout and achieve a more balanced, rewarding and fulfilling life by redefining what success means to you. Amanda’s candor and real-life stories make you realize that you are not alone and there is a better way to feel successful while living a healthier and more meaningful life.” – M. Longacre