EaseCARE: Breaking Down Mental Health Barriers with Affordable

Alberta, Canada, September 02, 2023 — In a world where 13% of the population grapples with mental illness and nearly 8 million lives are lost each year due to these challenges, accessibility and affordability have posed significant barriers to mental health support for many individuals [1]. The situation is worse for people living in Canada, as the average patient appointment wait time to receive care from a mental health specialist in 2022 is 26 days [2]. Despite this digital age, certain communities, such as Indigenous youth of Canada, face unique challenges. They tragically experience suicide rates six times higher than their non-Indigenous counterparts, underscoring the importance of tailored mental health support for these vulnerable populations [3]. However, a potential solution is emerging, driven by the accelerated adoption of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. EaseCARE Medical, a subsidiary of the innovative CareGroup, is transforming mental healthcare in Canada. Through seamless integration of advanced MedTech with a diverse range of mental health professionals, EaseCARE is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable support for all residents of Canada. “Empathy serves as our guiding principle at EaseCARE. Beyond providing a mere service, EaseCARE Medical is dedicated to crafting a compassionate and understanding environment for those in need. The company has assisted over 10,000 individuals in navigating their mental health challenges,” emphasizes Ray Yue, CEO of CareGroup. The community has also shown a favorable response to the growing preference for E-health. The notable trend is the growing, particularly among Millennials, with 74% favoring this approach [4]. Furthermore, the pandemic has led to a significant increase, with 46% of individuals now turning to telehealth services [5], saving an average of 101 minutes compared to traditional clinic visits [6]. EaseCARE has curated a diverse network of licensed Canadian mental health professionals, spanning counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists. This comprehensive spectrum of expertise enables EaseCARE to address a broad spectrum of mental health concerns, encompassing anxiety, depression, grief, and loss, focusing on individualized support.The platform ensures a seamless connection between seekers and professionals, prioritizing safety, integrity, and data security at every step.

EaseCARE empowers patients to conveniently schedule online appointments and consult experts from their homes, ensuring inclusivity with phone consultations for those without internet access. Getting started with EaseCARE is easy. A patient can sign up on EaseCARE website, share their problem along with medical history, and EaseCARE will match you with the right specialist after a thorough assessment. This marks the beginning of a patient’s journey towards better mental well-being. Operating within Canada, EaseCARE adheres to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and complies with the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to safeguard patient data and privacy.