The Essential Handbook for People Asking “What’s Nxt?” by Cindy Carrillo

Ridgway, CO, August 30, 2023 — Cindy Carrillo had no plans to upend her comfortable suburban life and thriving career as a CEO to become a rancher in Colorado. After feeling a persistent yearning for something completely different, Carrillo answered the call and wrote the next—or as she puts it, “Nxt”—chapters of her life. Those chapters are now part of her debut book, Finding Your Nxt: When You’re Ready for the Life You Really Want, which details the author’s wild and (literally) wooly journey of transformation while offering actionable insights for readers seeking their own Nxt.

Defining Your Nxt

Stories of people experiencing big life and career shifts aren’t new. Carrillo mines her own challenges and triumphs to craft a distinctive guide to navigating big changes. She defines “Nxt” as “turning a new page in your life with intention, to achieve fulfillment and purpose, with the process being “so urgent,” she quips, that you “don’t have time for the ‘e’.” Carrillo argues that you can’t find your Nxt if you don’t define it for yourself; and only by naming it–can you claim it.

Finding Your Nxt from Someone Who’s Been There, Done That

Breaking from traditional transformational narratives, Carrillo asserts that you don’t need misery to redefine your life, just an unwillingness to settle for anything less than your biggest dreams. Readers journey with Carrillo through her Nxt as she trades her suburban corporate persona for the life of a livestock-wrangling rancher. The unconventional adventure at the heart of Finding Your Nxt becomes a template to DIY the Nxt Chapter of your own life.