Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes Koda Health as Member

Jacksonville, FL, August 30, 2023 — The Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations (FLAACOS) proudly announces the membership of Koda Health, a leading Advanced Care Planning (ACP) company. As the state with the largest elderly population in the United States, Florida’s ACOs will benefit from Koda’s ACP solutions, especially given that by 2030, the senior citizen population in Florida is projected to increase to over 7 million, with close to 80% of them managing one chronic condition or another.

Koda Health’s unique, patient-centered approach streamlines ACP for patients, offering them a simple and convenient way to explore their values, select a surrogate decision maker, define their quality of life, indicate treatments that matter, and complete and share their advance directives without burdening their care team. With this three-pronged approach, Koda Health’s solution empowers ACOs in Florida to improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life while achieving valuable cost savings.

Dr. Desh Mohan, Chief Medical Officer at Koda Health, expressed his enthusiasm in providing quality ACP for Floridians, “We’ve developed a comprehensive suite of tools to provide thorough and thoughtful ACP on behalf of ACOs throughout Florida. We’re eager to provide Floridians with this valuable service, allowing them to craft healthcare that aligns with their quality of life.” Koda Health’s expertise in Advance Care Planning brings FLAACOS’ other members a value-based care solution that is scalable to their organizational needs and circumstances.

The partnership between FLAACOS and Koda Health will benefit Florida’s senior citizens and the state’s ACOs by enabling ACOs to provide enhanced, patient-centered care and aligning healthcare with their patients’ values and quality of life.

According to Nicole Bradberry, CEO of FLAACOS, “So much of healthcare is decided during crisis situations and not always according to what the patient wants and needs. Koda Health’s solutions allow patients and providers to collaborate on what they want before a health crisis occurs. This will not only provide better quality care but typically more efficient care.”

As FLAACOS continues to serve Floridians, the inclusion of Koda Health provides the opportunity for proactive, patient-centered care that prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions, while amplifying patient agency.