Nuvoco Vistas Launches Ecodure Thermal Insulated Concrete on the World Environment Day

New Delhi, 06 June 2024: Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd., India’s fifth-largest cement group, launches its ground-breaking product, Ecodure Thermal Insulated Concrete, on this World Environment Day. The revolutionary material provides an eco-friendly solution to the challenges of global warming and rising indoor temperatures by enhancing energy efficiency and reducing cooling costs in buildings.

Ecodure Thermal Insulated Concrete Logo

Ecodure Thermal Insulated Concrete is a technological breakthrough in construction materials, formulated with specialised aggregates that exhibit lower thermal conductivity than conventional concrete. This advanced blend helps reduce indoor temperatures by up to 3°C, providing a sustainable way to combat the rising heat associated with global warming.

Additionally, it also reduces the cooling load and Energy Use Intensity (EUI) in buildings, resulting in several benefits – a 5% decrease in building EUI, a 6% reduction in space cooling load, and a 7% decrease in cooling capacity requirement. Moreover, its reduced density contributes to a lighter building load, which can lower construction costs. Ecodure also helps reduce buildings’ overall carbon footprint through embodied carbon reduction.

This product is ideal for residential, industrial, and institutional buildings. It will be readily available across India through Nuvoco’s RMX Plants, starting June 5, 2024.

Mr. Prashant Jha, the Chief of Ready-Mix (RMX) Concrete at Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for the recent launch, stating, “At Nuvoco, sustainability is paramount, and yet again demonstrated on this World Environment Day by the launch of our innovative product Ecodure Thermal Insulated Concrete. This reflects our commitment to innovation. Ecodure exemplifies our vision of providing solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment by addressing the critical issues of energy consumption and indoor temperature regulation. This launch marks a key milestone in our quest to promote a greener, more energy-efficient future. It is our belief that Ecodure will establish a new industry standard, resulting in more sustainable construction practices and significantly contributing to climate change mitigation.”