Decentro Launches fully RBI-Compliant Next-Gen Payment Aggregator stack for India

Bangalore, 23May 2024: Decentro, India’s leading fintech infrastructure platform, proudly announces the launch of its next-generation Payment Stack (Flow 2.0). The stack is designed to seamlessly address businesses’ expansive payment needs, delivering high performance, unwavering […]


Semiconductor India Research Launches ‘Samsung Innovation Campus’ Programme at Visvesvaraya Technological University

 India,February 20, 2024: Samsung Semiconductor India Research (SSIR) has inaugurated its ‘Samsung Innovation Campus’ programme at the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) to upskill youth in future tech domains such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of […]


Unlocking Creativity: 3 startups with AR & VR Tools Empowering Interior Designers for Commercial Projects

Innovation is paramount in any given industry, especially in Interior Design and Build Industry. These innovative tools and techniques not only enhance visualization but also empower designers to unleash their creativity in unprecedented ways. The […]