Synology Showcased Enterprise Data Solutions at Synology Solution Day 2023 in Mumbai

Mumbai, India – December 11, 2023 – Synology, a leading NAS company, recently concluded its highly anticipated Synology Solution Day 2023 at ITC Maratha in Mumbai. The event, held on December 6th, provided an exclusive platform for IT professionals and partners to explore Synology’s cutting-edge data management solutions, including storage, backup, video surveillance, and business productivity. The event has successfully garnered the participation of 420 attendees, encompassing representatives from diverse business organizations, IT specialists from the industrial sector, and key business partners spanning various sectors across India. Noteworthy is the presence of participants from companies listed in the global Fortune 500.

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 Additionally, the event highlighted a session where experts from prominent organizations in their respective industries shared valuable experiences and insights. Ms. Khushi Dama from MRK Foods and Mr. Sandeep Maurya from DSK Legal delved into discussions about their successful deployment of Synology’s solutions. Their presentations underscored Synology’s role as a reliable partner in safeguarding business data and ensuring seamless business continuity. Mr. Maurya commented: “Synology NAS systems come with built-in backup solutions, supporting scheduled backups, incremental backups, and versioning. Synology also provides backup and snapshot replication to other Synology NAS devices, ensuring data redundancy and quick recovery options through data replication from one NAS box to another.”

Russell Chen, India Sales Manager at Synology, put an emphasis on the extraordinary growth of Synology’s business solutions over the past three years. He expressed gratitude to the attendees, highlighting how their presence contributed to the success of the event. “As we continue to expand our offerings, we welcome interested IT and partners to experience first-hand why our solutions are disrupting cost and maintenance tradeoffs demanded by traditional solutions.”

In-Depth Exploration of Synology’s Core Solutions:

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Storage and File Management:
The acceleration of digital transformation across industries is becoming more apparent, aligned with the advancement of the latest technologies such as generative AI. Organizations are now faced with substantial challenges, as the volume of generated and stored data continues to rise, and the demands for management and security surpass the capacity of existing IT resources. Synology introduces flexible private and hybrid cloud data management solutions, specifically designed to address the requirements of dynamic business environments. These solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, ranging from multinational enterprises to multi-branch offices, providing robust security measures against ransomware threats.

Business Productivity:
Efficiency and collaboration took center stage as Synology presented its private cloud solutions designed to streamline team collaboration. The discussions and live demonstrations interpreted how these solutions ensure data ownership without compromising accessibility and usability. Attendees explored the comprehensive security features of Synology’s business productivity solutions, soon to be augmented with generative AI capabilities for enhanced control over organizational data.

 Data Protection:

 Attendees delved into the intricacies of comprehensive data protection as Synology presented strategies beyond conventional backups. The importance of routine drilling and the implementation of a dependable total solution were emphasized to significantly reduce recovery time in worst-case scenarios. The discussions highlighted how Synology’s approach ensures not only data security but also business continuity without imposing exorbitant costs on IT budgets.

Video Surveillance:

 In addition to safeguarding businesses against cyber threats, a dependable video surveillance system is not an extravagance but a vital necessity. This system is constructed around the industry-leading video management system, Surveillance Station, and AI-enabled cameras. For businesses overseeing large industrial complexes or managing multiple retail outlets, Synology’s surveillance solutions offer the scalability and flexibility required.

Solution Day 2023 serves as a catalyst for Synology to reinforce its dedication to leading innovation in data management technology. This annual event not only showcased the latest technological advancements but also signified a strategic move for Synology in meeting and supporting India’s digital transformation requirements. The synergy between advanced technology and dynamic market needs positions Synology as a pioneer in providing adaptive and robust solutions. With a comprehensive range of solutions, spanning from data storage to integrated video surveillance, Synology stands at the forefront of ushering in a safer, more efficient, and productive digital future for businesses and industries at every level in India.

 Michael Chang, APAC Sales Head at Synology Inc., commented on the evolving landscape of business IT, stating, “Reflecting on the evolving landscape of business IT, we remain dedicated to expanding our deployments across India. Our commitment is to continue fostering innovation and partnerships within the Indian market.” This underlines Synology’s devoted commitment to not only keeping pace with the changing business environment but actively contributing to the growth and innovation within the Indian market.