SelbySoft Introduces an Updated Kitchen Monitor System

SelbySoft Introduces an Updated Kitchen Monitor System

Puyallup, WA : SelbySoft, Inc., developers of the popular SelbySoft Zero Training Point of Sale system for the Coffee & Pizza markets, has released a new version of its popular KDS (Kitchen Display System).

This exiting new version offers wireless capabilities and greatly increases the options for placement and equipment needed. Kitchen Display Monitors have long been a staple in many corporate or chain restaurant locations. SelbySoft introduced an affordable KDS for independent coffee and pizza locations over 10 years ago.

This new version of the KDS allows for a wireless operation and reduces the amount of cables required to be installed. With only a power outlet required, this allows placement of the KDS virtually anywhere.

Mike Spence, President of SelbySoft, Inc. explains, “We have been looking for ways to make installing a KDS even easier and less expensive than before. Our team worked on creating a system that allows for multiple hardware solutions. With this new version, customers can use a standard HDMI monitor of up to 35″ with a restaurant grade bump bar or mouse, an HDMI touch screen or a Windows based tablet.”

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