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Business News This Week is a leading news portal from Odisha, which has been focusing on major business, corporate news, financial news, business promotion news stories. Being a news portal, we give prominence to major news stories that matter to your business.  Business News This Week team knows the value of ethics of journalism and follows ‘Laxman Rekha’ in writing and reporting stories – an act of self-regulation. We are committed not to report any fasle news stories which could mislead to society.

Our journey has been successful as we are now recognized official partners of leading PR agencies across the world. We are glad to announce that we have been associated with leading public relation agencies like business wire, newsvoir,  pr newswire  and Media OurReach. Our readers can get the latest business stories, corporate events, awards and achievements by visiting the respective pages of these leading news agencies.

We are thankful to our media partners for providing major stories from across the world and helping us to publish these contents.

Business News This Week team would love to hear from you. If you have any questions related to publishing your business news, press release and achievements, please contact us. We will be glad to cover your stories on our business news portal.



Neel Achary, Editor - Business News This Week

P. Neelakantha Achary (Neel Achary)
Editor, Business News This Week

Neel holds 15 years of experience in the media as well as digital marketing. He served reputed media organizations in India.

Social Media Profiles:
Twitter: @neel5
Facebook: Neel Achary
Linkedin: Neelakantha Achary
Upwork: Neelakantha Achary
Email & Voice:
+91-9938772605 / neelakanthap@gmail.com


praveen dansil, writer at business news this week
Praveen Dansil, Writer at Business News This Week

Praveen Dansil
Writer, Business News This Week

Praveen holds vast experience in covering technology and political issues. He has been helping Neel in content strategy and selections of stories. He has been dealing with the PR agencies for the coverage.

Facebook: Praveen Dansil



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