Asha Gautam & Archana Aggarwal Present Khwaab In association with Brave Souls Foundation

Designer label Asha Gautam and Jewellery Designer Archana Aggarwal proudly present Khwaab, a showcase in collaboration with Brave Souls Foundation, an NGO dedicated to supporting acid attack survivors. Khwaab, which means “dream” in Urdu, serves as the theme of the show. The courageous survivors will grace the ramp, adorned in Asha Gautam’s signature vintage pieces such as Banarasi, Bandhani, Patola Lehengas, Kurta Shararas, Anarkalis, and Sarees, complemented by exquisite jewellery from Archana Aggarwal. 

“We are celebrating our 25 years of existence this year and this is the best way to start by making the brave survivors walk in our designs. We as a brand always believe that Fashion is not just clothes or products but a culture, it is a culture to bring all the sections of the society together and persistently work towards inclusivity” says Gautam Gupta creative director, Asha Gautam

“I am deeply humbled to mark the completion of 25 years of my journey as a jewellery designer. As I reflect on this milestone, I am reminded of the incredible strength and resilience of the human spirit. Today, I pledge my unwavering support to acid attack survivors, standing alongside them as they rise above adversity. Let us create a world where their scars become symbols of triumph, and where love and respect prevail over cruelty. Together, we can make a difference.” – Archana Aggarwal, Celebrated Jewellery Designer

“The idea of beauty transforms through ages and civilizations. When particular body types and skin tones are deemed “beautiful,” others inevitably are labelled “plain” and endure resulting consequences. Human skin and bodies inherently vary, and accidents, such as acid attacks, further hinder one’s control over physicality. Then promoting one body ideal at the expense of others is no good either, there will always be individuals who suffer.

Yet, is it possible to entirely transform this concept? Could we associate beauty not with physicality but mentality? Not with smoothness of skin but strength of character? Not haute couture but honesty? Not the number of followers but people helped? Not appearances but authenticity? Not waist but wisdom?

I invite you to the most difficult; to question deeply ingrained, almost instinctual, unconscious, notions of beauty that we all harbour. Thank you for trying,” says Shaheen Malik, Founder of Brave souls

Brand profile- Asha Gautam

With a little love, a pinch of creativity, and a vision, Asha Gautam’s label was started with the concoction of these ingredients as a passion project by Asha Gupta in 1998.

With her keen eye for fashion and affinity towards Indian arts and crafts, it has bloomed into one of the most exquisite fashion labels. As time passed, her son, Gautam, joined her, giving a fresh yet young perspective and making the brand more desirable for fashion enthusiasts.

Along with Gautam came his deep-rooted knowledge and love of the great Indian textiles and contemporary fashion, thanks to his education at NIFT. The mother-son duo brought to life the wonders of modern silhouettes with a touch of Indian textiles and weaves. Thinking beyond the boundaries of existing fashion, they travelled to remote parts of the country, like Paithan, Bhuj, Pochampally, and Uppada, amongst others, discovering deep-rooted traditions that had been sucked into obscurity by reviving, renewing it, giving them new life.

Label Asha Gautam works very closely with weavers and artisans across India to revive countries history, culture and heritage, making each creation a masterpiece. After 25 years of travel and collaborations, the brand is currently associated with artisans from 7 states, 15 clusters, with more than 30 Indian crafts. All designs are an amalgamation of modern cuts with rich craftsmanship. 

Archana Aggarwal Founder & Creative Director, Archana Aggarwal Timeless Jewellery

Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance and artistry of Archana Aggarwal, a multi-talented jewellery designer, entrepreneur, visionary, and philanthropist. With her unparalleled ability to create intricate and breathtaking designs, Archana has revolutionized the world of jewellery.

After graduating in Gemology, Archana fearlessly embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, giving birth to her own label, Archana Aggarwal – Timeless Jewellery. She combines contemporary elements with authentic, 100% hallmarked certified jewellery, drawing inspiration from the opulent era of the Mughals and Nawabs. In 2018, she joined forces with renowned couture designers for the prestigious India Fashion Week, setting the stage ablaze with her stunning jewellery. Her unquestionable talent earned her the prestigious Iconic Award for Best Jewellery Designer in 2018, solidifying her status as a driving force in the industry. Archana continued to make waves in the fashion world, adorned by illustrious celebrities including Shraddha Kapoor, RakulPreet, and Yami Gautam, to name a few.

Her association with the esteemed Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) has been a testament to her stature in the industry. In 2021, she was presented with the prestigious FICCI and IWEC Award, celebrating her remarkable achievements and contributions to the world of jewellery design. Archana’s recent debut at Cannes de Festival 2023 was a resounding success, as eminent personalities dazzled the red carpet adorned in her creations.