Birkenstock Revamps Zürich Tech: Modern Twist on Iconic Orthopedic Style

As a tribute to the timeless ZÜRICH silhouette, BIRKENSTOCK proudly introduces its latest footwear innovation – the ZÜRICH TECH. Drawing on the unmatched design language of Karl Birkenstock and inspired by utility and innovation, this iteration of the closed sandal introduced in 1964 puts the Original BIRKENSTOCK Footbed into a new context. Engineered for comfort and agility, its singular design and new materiality embrace the future of footwear and perfectly blend form and function. BIRKENSTOCK pushes things forward. ZÜRICH TECH is a new legend.

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Designed with a focus on utility and zeitgeist, ZÜRICH TECH is the contemporary reinterpretation of a sandal that, already in 1964, embodied a dynamic vision of the future for BIRKENSTOCK. It was only the second product with a built-in Original BIRKENSTOCK Footbed – enabling the brand to integrate the footbed and the purpose of “walking as nature intended” into people’s daily lives and sustainably changing our perception of footwear. Today, ZÜRICH TECH again seamlessly interweaves functionality and design to step into the future.

Inspired by the functionality of winter sports, the classic BIRKENSTOCK buckle is replaced by a monochromatic, adjustable black buckle to customize the fit for optimal comfort with every step. While utility and look of the buckle resonate within the world of sports, the sandal boasts a suede upper and a lightweight EVA outsole, which provides optimal support and durability without compromising on weight. Beyond their practical purpose, these elements are a testament to the resilience of innovation – as is the heart of every BIRKENSTOCK product, the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed itself. The adjustable buckles and lightweight materials not only liberate our movement but empower us to embrace the dynamic rhythms of life.

Designed for the modern individual who values form and function, BIRKENSTOCK’s ZÜRICH TECH is set to become a new staple in every streetwear wardrobe. While this futuristic sandal embodies BIRKENSTOCK’s core essentials and its commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation, it speaks to a diverse and elevated street target audience which seeks both comfort and style and is hungry for newness. ZÜRICH TECH evokes a utilitarian vision: walk naturally into the future.