Five reasons to use only Paytm app for QR payments

Paytm Mall app

So, you have started making digital payments and are simply loving your transition. Why wouldn’t you… especially since a digital payment makes you more efficient, productive, and has decreased the number of bottlenecks that you used to face earlier (carrying hard cash, cards, wallet for instance).

Much like digital payments, there is something that you will fall in love with but might not be aware of yet. Yes, it is the QR-code-based payment.

Here are the Top-5 reasons why you ought to use Paytm app to scan any QR code that you see at the retail outlets:

  1. Scan ‘Any’ QR Code with Paytm app: The prime reason for using digital payments is the convenience it offers to send/receive money and to make the bill payments. Good news is that Paytm is now the only app that allows you to scan any QR code (such as BHIM UPI, Google Pay or PhonePe) and make instant payments.
  2. No POS Machine Required: For retailers, one of the biggest challenges comes in the form of acquiring POS machines or standalone devices that are used to swipe cards. These POS machines introduce an additional liability in the form of procurement cost, MDR charges, and monthly rentals. No such trouble is encountered with Paytm as it has a unified QR code and charges zero MDR for instant settlement to bank accounts.
  3. Flexibility: Unlike other aggregators, Paytm supports each of the digital payment methods and allows its users to make their payment via their Paytm Wallet, Paytm BHIM UPI, net banking and cards. This feature brings greater convenience for a customer as they can easily switch between different payment options while having a single app. In other words, it frees your phone from needless digital payments and banking applications. A single app also ensures that there is superior visibility in payments and negligible complexity.
  4. Real-time Payment Tracking: As an added benefit for its merchants, Paytm provides real-time payment tracking and reconciliation. It is available in 11 regional languages, making it easier for any user and a merchant to use the app irrespective of the language barrier otherwise experienced. Paytm also features 24/7 merchant helpdesk for round-the-clock query resolution.
  5. Wide acceptance and largest merchant network: Paytm has the largest merchant network in India with more than 13 million merchants on-board. Also, it offers more than 200 use cases and services on its platform. So, whether you have to make a payment at the fuel station, pay cab driver or nearby retailer for groceries, make a utility bill payment, or book tickets online, Paytm is the super app for all of your payment needs.
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