Inspiring Start-ups – Moonbroch Provides Free Masks, Empowers Local Artisans and Combats Covid-19 Business Challenges through Constant Innovation


Helping Build a Safer and Self Reliant India

The $ 2.5 Tn global fashion industry like many others is facing unprecedented challenges. As we open up and global supply chains disrupt, inspiring brands like Moonbroch are leading the way in responsible consumption, business innovation and focus on local craftsmen.

Seeing the devasting effects of Covid-19, Moonbroch initiated a drive to provide free eco-friendly, reusable cotton masks to those who are most vulnerable and unable to afford protection. Supporting the belief that the most effective way towards sustainable recovery from this crisis is by providing meaningful employment to our local artisans, they are getting hundreds of masks made by unemployed tailors and continue to distribute them free amongst slum dwellers, daily wagers and people working in essential services. Moonbroch has also garnered support from donors to exponentially increase the impact and is doubling the donation given by every contributor, helping protect lives while empowering local artisans. Additionally, they continue to contribute for dry rations and food supplies to slum dwellers.

There is more solidarity, more empathy, more appreciation of the human connect than probably ever before. Everyone is uniting to fight this war. There is boundless hope in this collective strength. The Moonbroch Covid initiative is a small beginning in spreading hope and resilience by achieving the twin objectives of supporting the underprivileged by offering protection as well as providing livelihood and ensuring self-reliance. Being a start-up, it is a challenge to manage liquidity even at the best of times and obviously there was a derailment when sales hit an impasse during lockdown. Nevertheless, we continue to be optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to provide whatever support we can to those far more in need. Kamalpreet Dhaliwal, Founder-The Moonbroch Atelier.

6 Initiatives by Moonbroch to Combat Covid-19 Business Challenges through Constant Innovation

Developing Relevant Merchandise – “As a brand, Moonbroch has always been very agile and responsive to what consumers really need. Ensuring that we stay relevant, we are creating a range of stylish athleisure, loungewear and breezy summer ensembles to cater to the demand for more relaxed luxury and work-from-home environment,” says Kamalpreet. They are also equipping consumers to take on the new normal in style with alluring and edgy mask embellishments, giving a glam twist to safe measures. This is an exclusive range of designer masks for those looking for something out of the ordinary. The cotton masks that they developed for charity distribution also got a huge response and people have loved the beautiful prints and comfortable styling.

Meaningful Consumer Engagement – In line with Moonbroch’s philosophy of celebrating women of substance, they continue to engage with multi-talented clients and feature them on their digital channels as they share their expertise on combating Covid-19 issues, including everything from health and nutrition to spiritual healing.

Taking the lead in Digital Storytelling – Glimpses of the new Moonbroch collection were unveiled via fun home shoots throughout the lockdown. Peacocks, squirrels and myriad flowers also feature in their lockdown shoots celebrating the healing of mother earth. Reinstating positivity through design inspiration they showcased a stupendous photo essay enriched with the vibrancy of colours and textures embodied in iconic purveyors of culture from Japan to Africa to Slavia. These riveting images are distinctly characterized by artistic manifestations of oshiroi Geisha makeup, tribal African body art and exuberant European headgears. At a time when we are all united in a common war, these symbols of global artistic endeavors acquire an even more poignant significance”, she says.

Zero Budget Marketing, Tightly Controlled Fixed Costs and Overheads – Kamalpreet’s approach on zero budget marketing, organic client engagement, low fixed costs and variable pay right from the inception of the venture has helped them keep losses to the minimal even in these difficult times.

Designing the New Couture Collection with Timeless Classics – Preparing for an era of restrained luxury

Moonbroch has always focused on timeless pieces that are not merely seasonal trends but ensembles to be treasured over time. Their outfits are designed to be mixed and matched multiple times to create completely new looks. The signature Moonbroch style has always championed the cause of thoughtful consumption and restrained spending which is going to become the norm. Kamalpreet believes that as Indians, we love our celebrations and we will eventually see a revival of our ceremonies albeit with a more evolved renaissance of thoughtful luxury.

Ensuring a Safe Client Experience – Moonbroch studio visits are by appointment only so their operating model is intrinsically safer and conducive to social distancing since they meet only one client at a time.

About The Moonbroch Atelier

The Moonbroch Atelier is a luxury designer brand harmonizing timeless classics with edgy contemporary designs.

Moonbroch empowers women by enhancing their individual style through personalised consultation and customized ensembles as per body type, lifestyle and specific needs. Moonbroch has been a pioneer in celebrating women of substance and building body positivity by including diverse women across age groups as models right from inception. Moonbroch couture offers luxurious wedding specials, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and festive wear, combined with a curated edit of jewellery.

About the Founder – Kamalpreet Dhaliwal, Creative Director

Moonbroch is the brain child of Kamalpreet Dhaliwal, who is a National Institute of Technology (NIFT) Delhi alumnus and has been in the leadership team of prominent global corporates including Fortune 500 companies like Ameriprise Financial (erstwhile American Express), ABN AMRO, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Fisher & Paykel, Good Earth and Mint-Hindustan Times. Post a highly successful corporate career spanning close to twenty years, during which she has spearheaded marketing as CMO for several multinational brands across luxury lifestyle, banking & media, she now leads this pathbreaking initiative.

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