Sunaayy Foundation distributed food amongst underprivileged children

Sunaayy Foundation distributed food amongst underprivileged children

this time when the world is facing a huge crisis due to massive outbreak of pandemic – COVID – 19. Every country is under lockdown to combat this virus. Indian Government has also imposed a national lockdown for a long 21 days to break the chain of the virus. While this period is challenging for everyone, it is especially tough on the poor daily wage labourers. Their whole livelihood depends on their daily wages they earn and don’t have the luxury of even small savings to help them ride through this time.

Due to shut down of industries and other factories they are not even able to feed their family a two time meal. Government has also started many programmes, so that poor families and daily wage labourers can get at least two time meal in a day. To help the government and to take their initiative one step forward Sunaayy Foundation has started distributing free food to underprivileged children of Sunaayy Foundation and their family, who are the students of Sunaayy’s centre and come from nearby slums. During this period, Sunaayy has been distributing nutritious and filling lunches every day and free of cost.

After the National lockdown, Sunaayy’s students are unable to attend school sessions thus missing out on their daily meals. This has also made it increasingly difficult for Sunaayy to distribute meals to its students who miss out on their daily nutritional requirement. In times like this, it is essential to ensure that Sunaayy’s students stay healthy and safe from the virus. As part of their effort to provide students with meals, Sunaayy is reaching out to them by going to their homes.

In the initial days, the teachers and volunteers of the organisation have contributed their monthly salary and started helping these children and their families by arranging some food as there were restrictions of going outside due to quarantine. The parents of these children are either daily wage labour or domestic helps and are forced to stay at home. They don’t have a huge stock of food grains that can last for many days.

Understanding the situation, Sunaayy Foundation immediately has taken a step towards reaching them with food and necessary ingredients, so that they can survive during this difficult time and at least have something will be there to eat. Food packets have been distributed among them according to the number of family members.

Now, the noble missionary body Ramakrishna Mission of New Delhi, Swami Shantamannandji, came forward to support the children and their families of Sunaayy Foundation. Nearly 400 food packets has been created with the support from different people and distributed to the children and their family members as a part of the Coronavirus Relief campaign yesterday i.e.1st of April 2020.

At the time, when pictures from all states of labourers and poor families migrating to their home towns due to fear of hunger are coming. Sunaayy foundation’s initiative has come as a ray of hope for the humanity. There are two types of people one who is doing yoga and have access of everything and other one who is fighting for survival everyday without food, without shelter.