Wellthy Therapeutics Demonstrates Sustained Improvements in Blood Glucose Control and Variability over 6 months


Mumbai: Digital therapeutics innovator Wellthy Therapeutics showcased compelling data on the effectiveness of their digital therapeutics platform in combination with a self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) device by Roche Diabetes Care, at the annual American Diabetes Association conference.

The study evaluated data from 286 individuals with diabetes over a period of six months, and tracked baseline, month 2, month 4 and month 6 blood sugar readings. Participants used both the Accuchek Active® blood glucose monitor and the Wellthy Care Digital Therapeutics platform, to form an iPDM (integrated personalized diabetes management) solution. The blood glucose monitor was used by patients to monitor blood glucose values while the digital therapeutic platform provided real-time support and guided digital journeys for better self-management of diabetes.

Participants reported a significant drop in blood glucose levels in the first two months which was maintained consistently from month 2 to month 6. Mean Blood Glucose readings recorded a 24mg/dl reduction from 156.19mg/dl to 130.25mg/dl; Fasting Blood Glucose recorded a 16mg/dl reduction from 135.85mg/dl to 119.92mg/dl while Post Meal Blood Glucose recorded a 26mg/dl reduction from 178.21mg/dl to 153.37mg/dl.

Participants progressively showed upto a 40% decrease in glucose variability with an 80% reduction in the proportion of hypoglycemic events over 6 months, while demonstrating better self-care behaviours such as better adherence to self-monitoring of blood glucose.

Dr. Banshi Saboo, nationally acclaimed Diabetologist and co-author said, “This study is worth celebrating because it has achieved the trifecta of blood glucose control. It has proven SMBG adherence, sustained glycemic control and shown a reduction in variability over a longer period of time. The impact of this combination therapy that uses an SMBG device and a digital therapeutic platform can have an exponential impact in tackling the diabetes burden in India and lower the burden on the healthcare system.”

Abhishek Shah, CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics said, “Patient-reported outcomes and a personalized insights engine on the same play an important role in the comprehensive management of a patient’s condition. Digital therapeutics take digital biomarkers and ePROs and combine these measurable health indicators with patient behaviours and clinical intelligence, to deliver actionable insights in the real world, while delivering guided digital therapeutics to handhold every user. Empowered patients are capable of sustained improvement in health outcomes, which is the most important aspect of healthcare.”

About Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics is a digital therapeutics (DTx) company that helps healthcare stakeholders to improve patient outcomes. Its digital therapeutics platform works to manage and improve complex clinical conditions, and works closely with pharma, med device, life insurers, health insurers and healthcare systems to achieve the same.

Wellthy Therapeutics’ platform develops and deploys digital therapeutic candidates for commercialisation in indications across cardiology, nephrology and diabetes, and is live in two countries. The company has 20+ publications showcasing its real world evidence. For more information, please visit www.wellthytherapeutics.com