‘Your safe space’ campaign

the body shop

The new normal guide ensuring your safety

The prolonged pandemic scenario has led to a change in the consumer sentiments post lockdown. From the shift in priorities to shift in purchasing platforms along with constant fear of personal safety; these all have formed an inevitable part of everyone’s daily thought process.

The Body Shop well appreciates these concerns and believes in safeguarding & providing utmost security to their staff as well as customers alike. Thus, keeping all the preventive measures in mind The Body Shop introduced YOUR SAFE SPACE Campaign to ensure that the customers and store staff are all aware of the comprehensive and stringent safety measures that have been implemented at every touchpoint by the brand. The understanding that following government-issued distancing guidelines is imperative, along with implementing other necessary sanitary measures, has been embedded in every aspect of the brand’s practices across stores, warehouses & all other touchpoints in no time since he hit of the pandemic.

In spite of the current global fear, no advancements in technology can compete with—the ability to touch, feel and apply a formula to see how it sits on the skin before heading to the checkout counter. Needless to say, trying and testing of products prior to purchase has always been a mandatory part of the beauty buying process. However, in the current situation, avoiding any kind of contact with humans or other surfaces is the new motto of life and the only way to overrule this is to follow the new normal norms.

At The Body Shop, in line with its Safe Space campaign, the New Normal implies mandatory social distancing of 2m at all its stores and warehouses; extensive sanitization (of products and other touchpoints) as per WHO & government guidelines; compulsory temperature checks for staff as well as customers & encouraging contactless payments. Additionally, all the staff members have been thoroughly trained and equipped with regards to protective gear & measures. While the customers are also required to wear a mask inside the store – just like the store teams, they are also provided with a fresh pair of gloves upon entering the store.

Assured upon this campaign’s practice, Ms. Harmeet Singh, VP, Marketing Merchandising and E-Commerce Asia South, The Body Shop, says, “Nothing makes us happier than being able to serve our customers in our stores as we start to see the market open up in phases. At The Body Shop, we have taken this time to prepare for this step with a laser-sharp view & aim. Our Safe Space campaign has ensured to make our customers and staff feel safe inside our stores even today, by adopting numerous preventive steps and practices.”

The Body Shop under its ‘Your Safe Space’ campaign has ensured all possible safety measures to make your shopping experience stress free and in an environment that is safe for you even in times such as now.