IIHMR University urges to introduce Management Training Programs this International Nurses Day


Jaipur: COVID-19 has been creating a massive stir in the healthcare sector. Not only has COVID-19’s second wave increased an intense pressure on the healthcare infrastructure, but it has also created strong pressure on the already overworked workforce. According to a WHO, Report India has 37.6 health workers for every 10,000 people. The nurse to the patient ratio is 1:483, which means a shortage of twenty-two million nurses. IIHMR University shared its insights on International Nurses Day today and reminisced the theme “Nurses -the voice to lead a vision for future healthcare 2021”.

Dr. PR Sodani, President, IIHMR University, said, “Indian nurses have a huge demand in the International Market. India has 5085 institutes that produce 335000 nursing professionals every year. The country has in total 3.2 million nurses and we sense there is still a shortage with only 15 nurses for every 10000 individuals. According to the theme that correctly says, Nurses are a voice to lead a vision for future healthcare of 2021 since they are the sole individuals working on the ground level and understand the ground reality. Indian nurses have tremendous demand in countries such as UAE, UK, USA, Ireland and even Germany.”

Dr. Sodani further expresses, “Overseas Development and Employment Promotion Consultants (ODEPC) in Kerala was sending about 40 nurses every month in countries abroad which increased to six times in February 2020 just after the outbreak of the pandemic. With the rise in the need of the nursing workforce, India has must look at implementing some changes in the nursing curriculum. In addition, management training programs must be incorporated in their curriculum since nurses must also be able to mitigate risks at the ground level and manage them.”

IIHMR University has been correlating this theme and has conducted multiple management development training programs to uplift nurses in society. One of them was the recent training program that has been conducted to train almost 100 Administrative Nursing Cadre for the Government of Madhya Pradesh. The primary objective of this training was to enhance the management and administrative skills of nursing managers and administrators. In addition, the training was planned to make and share great comprehension of various valuable and social skills, needed for conveying top caliber and individuals driven nursing administrations.

Dr. Sodani adds, IIHMR University urges people from hospitals to incorporate management training programs for the hospital staff, including nurses, where they can also contribute to the hospitals’ administrative capabilities. Every staff on the ground for the hospital should be aware of management aspects in running the whole premises through a proper Management Training Program.

As India proceeds with its Fight against COVID-19, Healthcare workers are at the front doing combating the pandemic and offering types of assistance to forestall the spread. India is short of the endorsed strength of nurses and specialists.