Sukino Makes a Splash with Hydrotherapy to Reinvent Continuum Care in India

Sukino Makes a Splash with Hydrotherapy to Reinvent Continuum Care in IndiaBengaluru, 24th June 2024: Sukino, a leading continuum care provider, has introduced hydrotherapy services in its Bannerghatta centre in Bengaluru as part of its latest endeavour to reinvent out-of-hospital recuperative care in India. This innovative addition to Sukino’s suite of services reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic care to its patients.

Hydrotherapy, also known as aquatherapy, is a therapeutic approach that utilises water’s unique properties to facilitate rehabilitation and improve overall well-being. It is a form of exercise in warm water and is a popular treatment for patients with neurological andn musculoskeletal conditions. They enable an individual to practise performing movements that are coordinated and balanced. Sukino’s hydrotherapy services harness the healing power of water to address a wide range of health conditions and promote physical and mental wellness.

The benefits of hydrotherapy include pain relief, improved circulation, relaxation, enhanced flexibility, and accelerated recovery from injuries or surgeries. It can also promote psychological well-being by reducing stress and anxiety. Rajinish Menon, Founder and CEO, Sukino Healthcare Solutions, said, “We are happy to introduce hydrotherapy services as part of our continuum of care setup to deliver holistic healthcare solutions. Hydrotherapy has been recognised for its numerous health benefits, and we are excited to offer this innovative treatment option to our patients.”

“Hydrotherapy plays a crucial role in post-hospital or post-surgery rehabilitation by promoting faster recovery, reducing pain and inflammation, improving joint mobility, and restoring muscle strength,” added Dr. J Karthik, Head of Therapy, Sukino Healthcare Solutions. 

With numerous services such as neurorehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, post-surgery physiotherapy, palliative care, end-of-life care, home care, orthopaedic rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, paediatric rehabilitation, nephrology rehabilitation, Sukino serves and believes in pushing boundaries and making sure that no patient has to go anywhere for any kind of medical aid in their recuperative or rehabilitation journey.