Two Haryana women won silver medals at IUKL World Championship in Budapest

Two Haryana women (L- Anshu Taravath and R-Dr Payal Kanodia) won silver medals at IUKL World Championship in Budapest

New Delhi: Demonstrating phenomenal performance at IUKL World Championship in Budapest, Hungary, Dr Payal Kanodia (35-39 years, 68kg category) and Anshu Taravath (58kg category) of Haryana won silver medals for India held from 22-24 October 2021. Trained under the aegis of M3M Foundation, both the athletes competed with 450 athletes from 32 countries who participated in the tournament.

Dr Payal Kanodia who hails from Tauru in Haryana shared her experience and said, “I am thrilled to participate in the tournament. It is an honour for me to represent India on an international platform. I am glad that my dedication and hard work is making my state and my country proud.”

“I am proud to represent India in the IUKL-organised Kettlebell World Championship at Budapest. I have worked very hard during my preparation for the tournament, and I am very happy with my performance. I believe this will make both my country and state feel proud of me. I am thankful to the M3M Foundation for their unwavering support for my training,” said Anshu Taravath.

Taravath is a resident of Gurugram and is a certified athlete and coach for kettlebell. She is also the ambassador of the Fit India program of the Government of India and the President of the Haryana Chapter of Sports and Entertainment wing of Women Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).

Dr Kanodia is also the Trustee of M3M Foundation, a philanthropic organisation, wherein she is proactively working in healthcare, environment and education to make lives brighter for the marginalised.

Dr Aishwarya Mahajan, President, M3M Foundation said, “It is the endeavor of M3M Foundation to provide a platform to the talented players by supporting them. Under the ‘Lakshya’ program M3M Foundation is committed such talented players are selected and promoted to pursue them.

In India, Kettlebell Sports India Association is credited with promoting sports in the country. It is also a member of the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL). This tournament was scheduled to be organised from 21st October 2020 to 26th October 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic.


Giria (Russian word) for kettlebell is a metal solid used in the 18th century to weigh crops in fields. Circus players used this type of weight in the 19th century. In 1855, they began using kettlebells for entertainment and competition in Russia and Europe. The name kettlebell was used in the 20th century. A kettlebell is made of cast iron or cast steel that is attached to a handle.