Indoor activities to tackle the heat!

Indoor activities

By Aakritti Sethi

The Author Aakritti Sethi is Founder of OH MY GAME!

Summer! The very first thought comes to everyone’s mind hearing this word is the most burning days of the year, let’s explore the mountains, how to keep oneself cool etc. At this point of time, the only thing that gives us relief is either a Shade or a Glass of cold water. The time of year when Sun is shining with all its might. Everyone Wants to chill and have fun outside on these lazy days but dread to move out in an open space.

As indicated in NDTV report, ‘2018 Was Sixth Warmest Year on Record in India.’ And likewise, The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a warmth wave cautioning for the forthcoming days.

When we think of summers, we have a lot of outdoor activities in mind. Like Jumping around the sprinklers, having good time in pool parties, going out for nature walks! Don’t we all love being outdoors! But sadly, there are also extreme sunny days when it gets excessively hot and we want to stay inside. Particularly with regards to children, nobody likes to get heated up. Thus, people look for fun in indoor games. On the off chance that if you are among the people who groan and make excuses at the thought of going out in summer, indoor games and extracurricular activities has upgraded their level and has added fun with exercises.

Over the years Indoor Sports have taken a toll over outdoor sporting. Life is getting busier day by day. Individuals don’t have much time for outdoor sporting. It has given rise to Indoor games and theme parks. These Amusement Centres and Theme Parks have taken over a drastic drift. These amusement parks offer huge variety of indoor games, without much of a stretch segue into summer. Also, Significant number of Indoor centres have turned out to be genuinely competitive in their genre since they have a lot to offer but in an interactive way. Along with progressing advancements in innovative fields, this family excitement centre focus has begun offering a wide assortment of gaming alternatives to their group of onlookers. In this manner, the quantity of alternatives accessible at a solitary area to the clients at a sensible cost is speeding the expansion in the audience.

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The indoor fun arenas have established their market pretty well and no doubt they are extensively growing by providing various fun activities and exposure with mixture of fun and technology inside the 4 walls only. There are various indoor team games available like bowling, ice-skating in the lounge, paintball etc. and whereas an amusement centre named OMG (Oh My Game) in Delhi/NCR offering Laser Tag, a similar kind of a paintball game but you won’t get hurt here with the shot. Started by a Brother and a Sister this centre has a lot to offer to people. Bubble Football, Dodgeball, etc. are among the few exciting games which not only gives a leisure time but also an exciting way of working out while having fun session with your family and friends through a lot of indoor activities.

OMG don’t only allow you to play games but also allow people to throw party! Other than games, this great hangout place also offers food & beverages to its customer at an extremely reasonable cost with great nature of taste.

This summer don’t rush yourself everywhere and get close to indoor activities.

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