How Not To Lose Your Mind If You’re An Entrepreneur


Mental health is an essential part of your health overall. According to the statistics, 25% of startups fail in their first year of existence. What is critical to mention, 13% of new projects fail due to the fact that their founders lose sight of the main goal; 9% – because the founders lose their passion for their startup; and 8% – because the newly-minted businessmen simply burn out at work. This means that 30% of startups fail because of the emotional state of the founders.

What is the point of working so hard if it destroys you from within? Just imagine how many startups could be successful if employees did not forget to take care of themselves.

So, here are the ways for you to make your mental health more stable while running your business:


  1. Make everything you can automatic.

Invoicing, sorting all those endless letters, and sending out some collaboration deals messages are the tasks that are easy to automate. This way, you won’t waste your time and other resources on them anymore.

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  1. Quickly respond to all the new opportunities

One of the main advantages of an independent business is that you do not need to consult with other people when making important decisions. Therefore, as soon as you notice an opportunity that seems useful to you for your business, grab it immediately. Take advantage of it – and one day, it can help you get around other businesses.


  1. Do not do business with relatives

Such a common situation: a novice entrepreneur draws family members and other relatives into his or her business. It would seem that everything is quite logical: the relatives love you and are interested in your success, and therefore they will certainly want to help (perhaps even for free). However, it’s almost never so simple.

Let’s not forget that this business is your (and only your!) Dream. Therefore, you are ready for all kinds of difficulties and barriers to its implementation, which often can not be said about your relatives. Personally, we are inclined to think that business and family should be clearly separated. But if you still decide to do otherwise, do it thoughtfully and never forget to watch your step.


  1. Create a culture of self-care among your employees

It’s great that we all started talking about this topic that was quite forbidden before – mental health. But now you need to act. A culture that appreciates tedious work to the detriment of health causes or exacerbates depression. If some startups had developed a culture of self-care from the very beginning, they could have avoided depression among employees and CEOs and its consequences.

Here are some easy ways for you to do that:

  • Allow your team members to be offline. They should not be at your disposal for twenty-four seven.
  • Encourage taking time off and days off. Workers often do not use the opportunity to take time off or go home earlier. You should remind them of it yourself – and even facilitate it.
  • Don’t forget about hobbies. You and your employees should have a life outside the office. According to Michael Freeman, success in non-work areas is important for mental health.
  • Be prepared for the possible ups and downs in your startup’s life. You must understand that things will not always go smoothly.
  • Share your feelings openly and honestly with someone. Contact your friends, family, friends, or therapist. You need ongoing support. And don’t you forget that you can find someone to spend time with and even somebody to be seriously close to at HookupGeek.

Almost everything in a startup’s life starts with the founder(s). Take care of yourself and set an example for your employees.

Running your own business

To conclude

Running your own business is always a fascinating and exciting task. But this does not mean that you should lose your mind doing it.