Bizdata eZintegrations™ is Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

San Jose, CA : Bizdata customers using eZintegrations in Oracle Cloud will have the ability to subscribe to eZintegrations in Oracle Cloud via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

The company said that by subscribing to eZintegrations in Oracle through the Marketplace, its customers can lower cost and time required in an integration. The low code, browser based cloud data integration platform is next generation and comes with an array of benefits by connecting on premise Oracle applications to Cloud based IT environment as they upgrade and move further in their Cloud adoption, migration and modernization journey through intelligent and automated integration and simplify their procurement, sales and marketing, manufacturing, service and billing processes through a single integration platform.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store that enables customers to deploy functional software packages that run on Oracle Cloud.

“We believe in giving our customers the flexibility to subscribe and deploy our world-class, enterprise-scale cloud native data integration platform in the environment of their choice,” said Adil Mujeeb, Founder and CEO at Bizdata Inc.

“For businesses that prefer fast and reliable software-defined networks, we are offering a streamlined and simplified system integration experience for Enterprises via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

“Now our customers can experience the power of eZintegrations on Oracle Cloud – enabling the most complex data integration at scale – with the simplicity and ease-of-use of Oracle Cloud Marketplace’s one-stop-shopping environment,” said Ritesh Khapre, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Bizdata Inc.

Bizdata eZintegrations is a hybrid multi-cloud data integration software platform that enables ecosystem simplification by unifying systems, analytics, data warehouses and data lakes.

eZintegrations on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is delivered as-a-service and offers their customers end-to-end encryption of data in motion and at rest in the integration and data transportation process.

The company also said it offers service availability for 99.9% uptime, system maintenance and patch management, and scaling of compute resources independent of storage.

Bizdata eZintegrations on Oracle Cloud is available to their customers in North America (USA and Canada), United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Australia and India.