IIHMR University organizes lecture sessions, sensitizes students about US education system

Jaipur, 11 February 2020: The United States of America being one of the preferred destinations for India students when it comes to higher studies, leading educational university Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) today organized a lecture session on An Introduction to the US Education System. The interaction was attended by MBA students, industry leaders, education advocates and faculty members at the university campus.

Prof. Andrew Goodlife, Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Geophysics, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA conducted the lecture session where he answered key questions pertaining to the Education system in the USA which is not only relevant to the students studying in the United States but all over the world.

Dr Pankaj Gupta (President, IIHMR-U), PhD, CMA, Fulbright Fellow, PCL (Harvard) said that students need to assess all the career options but they must be aware the career is a part of life that should serve their life goal which is why they need to take a responsible attitude towards all the things they do.

“ Converting knowledge into wisdom should be the goal of everyone which can be achieved through self-awareness, mindfulness which will set you of a clear path. There is a need to instill the right attitude of hard work like setting a personal goal of working 200 days a year which will not only hold you in good stead but will make a difference in the lives of others especially if you are involved in quality fields like Healthcare and Education,” he added.

Andrew Goodlife spoke about how key issues related to University Structure, Ranking System and Funding.

He said “In USA when you apply to a university you apply to the central office, for example, I work for the graduate school so if you want to apply to the university of Alabama you need to apply to my office which has affiliations with different colleges. There are multiple colleges on the same campus, for example, the University of Alabama has a college of arts and sciences, college of communication, college of engineering which are overseen by a president at the top of the hierarchal order. Below him, we have deans who run each college which sorts of forms the administrative structure of the university. President is answerable to the board of trustees comprised of prominent members of the public who serve on this advisory board”.

Furthermore, he added “Students must go for universities that have the best available resources for the subject they are passionate about learning. When I meet students who want to study in University of Alabama I look for that fit which shows that there is the mutual passion between students and teaching faculty for the subject which is the foundation of hope for doing great things together. If you want to do research then there is only one specific ranking which is the Carnegie Classification as it categories the universities on the basis of best faculty, funding and training facilities”.

In order to encourage learning university-based scholarships and fellowships as well as teaching assistantships and research assistantships wherein students who help in teaching and research labs get paid through help in tuition and living expenses are offered. Moreover, most of the universities in the USA pay for the PHD tuition rather than students paying it themselves. At the University of Alabama, 40 percent of students are fully funded.

An encouraging address was given by Dr. Mr. Parag Diwan, CEO, Paradigm Consultants & Resource Management Pvt. Ltd., at a seminar on ‘Emerging Technologies in Healthcare’. He said that “AI, blockchain, robotics, and IoT are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of emerging technologies all of which have a key role to play in the future of healthcare. Starting from AI’s ability to identify people with a high risk of disease to block the chain’s ability to allow distribution of digital information that can raise more awareness about specific diseases and allow people to take preventive measures sooner as well as provide doctors with patient data from anywhere healthcare can be improved significantly. Voice search can assist in healthcare marketing while data science and predictive analytics enable data to be mined and analyzed to prepared case studies for doctor reference which will help them provide more efficient and effective treatment.”

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