Immersive Experience: Continental Delivers V-Shaped Display to Hyundai Kona

Immersive Experience: Continental Delivers V-Shaped Display to Hyundai KonaBabenhausen, Germany, September 25, 2023. Continental delivers V-shaped displays to equip vehicle manufacturer Hyundai. The technology company’s state-of-the-art display solution will now be part of the new Hyundai Kona series, which is on the market since 2023. The display offers atwo-in-one one solution as it combines the two screens of the instrument cluster and center information display under one glass surface. Additionally, the new Hyundai Kona features over-the-air (OTA)software updates for new functions, design and interaction possibilities in the vehicle, which can bemanagedviatheV-shapedisplay.

“Driven by technology and the growing importance of user experience in a car’s purchase decision, large, seamless display solutions are becoming a brand identifier. Supplying our V-shaped display for the new Hyundai Kona series, we put a focus on drivers and enhance their user experience significantly with the V-shaped design,” says Boris Mergell, Head of User Experience (UX) at Continental Automotive. “With the next generation of large display solutions, we demonstrate howwe constantly keep on pushing to realize a unique user experience for our customers. The display was developed and implemented in less than a year. The implementation in record time was madepossiblethroughacloseandstrongcooperationbetweenContinentalandHyundai.”


Continental’s V-shape display consists of two flat high-resolution display panels with a backlight and is covered with a curved (“V-shaped”) glass, which creates a seamless look by optical bonding. This comes with several advantages for the driver, such as a more comfortable view of the visual content from the driver’s seat. While the display extends from the driver’s area to the center console, the radius and angle of the display solution focus on the driver’s perspective, placing him or her at the center of the information output. Thanks to this ergonomic arrangement,allcontrolsdisplayedonthescreencanbeaccessedconvenientlyandintuitivelybytheuser.

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