Panamera Holdings Corporation Announces Strategic Partnership with Cris Proler

Houston, TX, May 23, 2024 –Panamera Holdings Corporation (OTC: PHCI) today announced the execution of a partnership with Cris Proler as the new President and Vice Chairman of the company. This partnership brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a shared vision for the future of recycling.

T. Benjamin Jennings (Chairman, CEO), a 30-year veteran of the metals and waste industries, has again assembled a formidable team with a diversity of disciplines and expertise. Jennings has enjoyed a stellar track record of creating, building, and investing in the metals recycling and waste management industries beginning in the early to mid ‘90s with USA Waste (Waste Management: Market Cap $84B) and Metal Management (Sims Metal Management, the largest publicly traded recycling company in the world with an annual Revenue of 5.4B).

The partnership between Panamera Holdings and Cris Proler represents a significant step forward in Panamera’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. “We are thrilled to welcome Cris to our team,” said Mr. Jennings. “His legacy of innovation and success in the metal recycling arena is unparalleled. The alignment of our visions is what will allow us to revolutionize the way we approach recycling while embracing new technologies and practices that will have a lasting positive impact on the environment.”

Partnering with Mr. Proler, whose family is known for their pioneering contributions to the recycling industry, Panamera will solidify it’s position as the premier prospective industry leader. Cris Proler expressed his enthusiasm regarding the venture, stating, “I am excited to join forces with Panamera Holdings and contribute to their ongoing mission of sustainability. Together, I know we will create a brighter future for the recycling industry, focusing on new innovations that will drive positive change.” Mr. Proler’s impressive history of creating businesses in the field has set him apart as a true innovator. Reflecting on his journey, Mr. Proler stated his father, Bill Proler, and grandfather, Izzy Proler, provided him with invaluable opportunities to learn the recycling industry and carry forward the tradition of pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies. “It’s humbling to think that my grandfather and his brother invented the first automobile shredder in the 1950s. I am honored to carry on the Proler legacy and witness the next generation, explore new technology and innovation that will make our world a better place to live.”

In September of 2022, Proler sold his interest in his last company to fully dedicate his efforts to the integration of new innovations in metal recycling, environmental and industrial services, as well as overall global sustainability of core reusable elements.

With this deeply rooted history of success, Panamera Holdings is poised to lead the way in the modern world of recycling services necessary for end-of-life to new-product development with economically feasible manufacturing and production.