SaveIN set to Launch India’s Largest Outpatient Healthcare Discovery Platform

SaveIN set to Launch India's Largest Outpatient Healthcare Discovery PlatformNew Delhi, India  31 October 2023:  SaveIN, a rapidly expanding fintech company, is set to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in India by launching the nation’s most extensive outpatient healthcare discovery platform. This innovative platform is uniquely tailored to cater to medical procedures that are typically not covered by conventional insurance providers, thereby addressing a critical gap in the market.

SaveIN‘s soon-to-be-launched discovery marketplace promises to connect users with carefully selected healthcare providers in their vicinity, offering customized deals while offering 0% EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payment plans for a wide array of healthcare treatments. The company has strategically partnered with leading banks and non-bank finance companies to facilitate seamless healthcare payments through customized underwriting techniques designed specifically for the healthcare sector. This streamlined process allows individuals to secure a credit line at a SaveIN partner healthcare facility in under three minutes.

Jitin Bhasin, Founder & CEO of SaveIN, explained, “Our goal is to cover all facets of healthcare, from locating suitable healthcare providers to scheduling appointments for the procedure of choice. We also offer embedded healthcare finance with 0% EMI experiences through QR codes. Our operations are exclusively customized for the healthcare domain and are 100% digital. This sets us apart from traditional NBFCs and generic fintech lenders, who often treat healthcare loans as one of many categories. We also distinguish ourselves from healthcare aggregators, which predominantly facilitate consultations.”

One of the primary challenges SaveIN aims to tackle is the financial burden faced by millions of Indians when seeking planned or unplanned medical treatments. Currently, over 90% of Indians lack private healthcare insurance, resulting in over 75% of healthcare expenses being paid out of pocket. Even those with private healthcare coverage frequently find themselves inadequately covered, as numerous essential services fall outside the scope of traditional healthcare insurance. The high medical inflation rate in India, currently at 15% per annum, exacerbates the financial strain on individuals seeking private healthcare.

SaveIN offers coverage for 300 treatments across more than 20 categories, encompassing dental, dermatology, fertility, elective and aesthetic surgeries, hair growth and transplants, alternate therapies, and personal wellness, among others. These treatments often incur significant out-of-pocket expenses, as they are typically not covered by traditional insurance products. To make private healthcare more accessible and affordable, SaveIN provides a unique QR code-based payment system at its partner locations, allowing patients to split their medical bills into 0% interest EMIs, rather than making lump-sum payments.

With the preventive care market in India expected to double in size to $195 billion from $93 billion in 2021, SaveIN‘s innovative approach may provide the solution needed by both customers and medical practices alike, as Indians increasingly prioritize personal health and wellness.

SaveIN has already processed 150,000 customer applications, highlighting the significant demand for such services. The company’s unique working model, which covers various aspects of embedded healthcare finance, differentiates it from traditional lenders, other fintech companies, and healthcare aggregators. SaveIN aims to streamline healthcare financing, attracting a large customer base with 0% EMIs and 24/7 access to 100% digital operations.

SaveIN is positioned to offer timely healthcare without imposing exorbitant upfront expenses, ensuring that medical care is never delayed due to financial constraints. The platform provides on-demand financing options for private healthcare, seamlessly integrated at the point of checkout.

SaveIN is on a mission to democratize healthcare in India by enhancing the accessibility of quality preventive and elective healthcare services for the masses, offering a promising solution for India’s evolving healthcare needs.