What Are The Uses Of Two Way Radios?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Two way radios are used for communication for work purposes, they can be used in all sorts of industries. You will commonly find teams of staff using two way radios in events, University campuses, the police force, fire services, lifeguards and many more places. They’re a reliable form of communication for teams and mean everyone can communicate fast and efficiently. Here are some of the ways two way radios can be used…

For communication during live events 

One way a bunch of two way radios can be used is during live events, such as, sports events. During a marathon for example, it’s beneficial for all the different teams to be able to get in touch with one another via the radio. Each member of staff should be given a note with the right extensions to call on the two way radios, as there will be lots during big events. For example, the on field crew might need to get in touch with the medical crew incase of emergency. If you only need two way radios for a weekend or a few days, it might be best to hire them instead of buying them outright, as this could take up storage space and waste money.

For keeping teams in the loop with day-to-day communication

Two way radios can be used for day-to-day communication in industries such as the police force, lifeguards, fire services, university staff and many more workplaces. If you would like two way radios to use on a daily basis, you will need to buy them instead of hiring them, and also think about the frequency range if staff are likely to be far away from one another. They’re reliable and usually waterproof and dustproof if you’re in an industry that is close to water or dust, for example, lifeguards and builders.

In the case of an emergency

Two way radios are extra helpful during the event of an emergency, an employee will simply have to click one or two buttons to call for help. The radios won’t be off as the battery life is so efficient and there will also be signals using these types of two way radios, they’re just like walkie-talkies.

To help the team bond and work together

Using two way radios will not only help the team communicate quickly and clearly, they will also bring the team together. Even though messaging on two way radios needs to be clear and concise, it can join teams from different departments together and staying in constant contact will help them form friendships as colleagues. However, the great thing about the radios is how fast the communication is, there isn’t time to say too much or get into deep discussions, this means they aren’t distracting. It can be tempting to talk for longer over the phone and start to talk about more personal subjects like your family, partner, weekend plans and this wastes time. Two way radios ensure employees are working together while staying focused on work topics.

Two way radios over mobile phones for communication

If your company is currently using mobile phones for communication, they’re nothing compared to reliable two way radios. The radios are more durable, if they’re dropped they won’t break and most brands have options that are waterproof and dustproof. This enables a wide range of industries to reap the benefits of the radios.

Now that you know how beneficial two way radios are and how many different uses they have, if you’re looking to improve communication within your business or company, they could be the key to success. You can bring the team morale up by using two way radios and get jobs done quicker and more efficiently. They are a better option than mobile phones, just make sure you check the frequency range for reliability before hiring or investing in your two way radios.

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