Author Khairi Danish’s New Book, NOUMENA

Author Khairi Danish’s New Book, NOUMENA

New York, NY, March 04, 2024 — Khairi Danish, illustrator and researcher, has completed his new book, “NOUMENA”: his debut graphic novel. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and Master of Research (Art): Theory and Philosophy. NOUMENA is part of Danish’s Echelon: Year Zero project,, an emerging creative studio recalibrating fragmented clusters of dispersed island trauma encrypted as Indo-Pacific dispossessions twisted by Atlantic Mercator Prime.

In this story, young Meya is engaged in a fight for survival against a galactic evil known as Mapuble when she intuits a link between the clicking sounds the parasites make and her own father’s dementia. She unravels these murmurs by retracing the events that took her father’s memory codes away.

Danish writes, “What does it take for her to capture these unsounded memories as diagrams between universes, where worlds beyond songs of life and death cease to exist? Dock alongside Meya and lay out the plans to destroy the distortions of dementia worlds caused by the biogeological complex of Atlantic Mercator Prime in her Noumena.”

Published by Page Publishing, Danish’s one-of-a-kind graphic novel uses his fascinating illustrations to dive deeper into Meya’s mind. The story intersects across art, metaphysics, continental philosophy, and neurobiology with children’s literature, which interweave through intricate motifs informed by the Indigenous Javanese arts of batik, gamelan, and shadow puppetry.

Reimagined at the trails of memory disintegrations, she retraces the written sounds of her father’s dementia for transformative moments at the edge of his memory loss. Her adventures unfold along the concept of dementia, as she unveils the complexities behind it, which unravels something even darker at stake.