Jacqueline Lipscomb’s Newly Released Hart & Seoul Of Harperstown Kids Club

Simpsonville, SC, August 30, 2023 –“Hart & Seoul Of Harperstown Kids Club”: a charming adventure that brings the heart and soul of childhood to the forefront. “Hart & Seoul Of Harperstown Kids Club” is the creation of published author Jacqueline Lipscomb.

Lipscomb shares, “Harperstown, USA, the most quaint yet adventurous town ever! The town is filled with kids, parents, grandparents, and local store owners. Hart Brown was one of Harperstown’s upgrowing youth. He is just beginning ‘big school,’ new friends, new teachers, and big responsibilities. Hagerstown kids and Labradoodles were the expected team; every Haperstown kid wanted his own fur baby, and Hart was no different. After much anticipation, Hardwick Sr. surprised Hart with his own doodle.

“Hart and his big doodle, Seoul, added to great adventures and surprises to the favorite first-grade teacher, Mr. Biggler. Enjoy some fun with Hart and his big doodle, Seoul.”