Bhumi Pednekar: ‘I was constantly made to feel I’m not beautiful

National, 11th July, 2024: From her early days as a casting assistant to her impactful debut in Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Bhumi Pednekar has continuously challenged norms, prioritizing substance in roles over commercial success. Spanning from heartland narratives to intricate contemporary characters, her career reflects a unique blend of authenticity and depth on screen. Throughout her decade-long journey, Bhumi has carved a distinctive path driven by passion, diligence, and a bold spirit that shines through each role she embraces. In Filmfare’s July-August 2024 issue, she candidly discusses her evolution as an actor, personal growth milestones, and the profound satisfaction she finds in delivering meaningful performances.

bhumi pendarkar

Sharing thoughts about her career choices, Bhumi shared, “Yes. I’ve been very clear about my choices. I wouldn’t say I had clarity when I got my first film, because honestly, with a first film, you just get lucky. My first film was Dum Laga Ke Haisha, and I had the opportunity to let people know that I’m here to perform. But after that, I was very clear that I want to constantly do characters that make me uncomfortable, that make me question my existence, or that make me question the basic thread of who I am or the world I live in. That excites me a lot.”

Talking about her support system in life, she adds “It starts with my family. We’re a very close unit. My sister Samiksha is part of every decision that I make except the scripts that I consider. My mom reads the scripts that I consider. But every time I haven’t consulted my mom on my movies, it has not worked out for me. My mother and my sister are my biggest support system.”

Choosing between hustle or destiny, Bhumi reveals, “It’s a bit of both. I believe in a higher power and destiny, but I also fight and work hard to create opportunities. I’ll make calls, reach out to directors, and audition for parts. I’m constantly on a learning arc and want to keep growing as a human and a performer. I’m a pressure junkie; I don’t have any chill in life. I get exhausted, but work gives me joy. So, yes, I’m definitely a hustler, not just professionally but in everything I do.”