VisionTechFest’s TechThon to Spark Industry-Academia Synergy in India

VisionTechFest’s TechThon to Spark Industry-Academia Synergy in India

Bangalore, 28 October 2023 – Visionet, a leading technology solutions provider, introduces TechThon, an innovation-focused event that is a part of VisionTechFest 2023. Designed to bring academia and industry closer together, TechThon focuses on fostering the next generation of tech innovators. Forming a key component of the VisionTechFest – TechThon will offer a unique platform tailored for university students to showcase their innovations in an industry-oriented setting.

The event aims to empower and equip students with essential technical skills needed to pursue careers in technology and innovation. Through real-world exposure and opportunities for mentorship, the platform will allow them to nurture their potential and catalyse their journey towards becoming tech leaders of the future.

Among the key highlights of VisionTechFest’s TechThon, is that the platform has attracted an overwhelming response from students across the country. Out of the 662 teams that registered, an impressive 60 teams have been shortlisted to advance to the upcoming rounds of this exciting event.

The majority of the students and teams participating at the TechThon will represent prominent institutions such as The Oxford College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Presidency University, and Vellore Institute of Technology, showcasing the exceptional talent pool present within these institutions.

Sandeep Agarwal, EVP, Visionet expressed enthusiasm for the event, stating, “VisionTechFest’s TechThon offers an unparalleled platform for students to engage with industry leaders, facilitating an enriching exchange of ideas and providing students with invaluable mentorship opportunities that tap into a vast reservoir of knowledge. Through these connections, students not only gain immediate guidance but also the potential for enduring mentorship that can significantly influence their professional journey.”

Dr. Manjunatha, Principal, from New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore, adds, “We firmly believe that the synergy between students and the industry extends beyond the mere transmission of knowledge; it represents a dynamic partnership that catalyses the emergence of novel ideas, disruptive technologies, and groundbreaking solutions. These innovations have the potential to reshape the technological landscape of tomorrow. By sowing the seeds for a future where technology not only evolves but thrives on the ingenuity of the youth, we are setting new standards while also opening up exciting new horizons in the tech world.”

Selected students participating in TechThon will receive expert guidance on their projects, helping them refine their ideas and innovations. Additionally, winners will have the unique opportunity to receive Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) and internships from Visionet, offering them a direct pathway into a promising career in technology.

VisionTechFest’s TechThon is poised to bring about transformative experiences for the students involved, offering them a platform to turn their ideas into reality and gain exposure to the dynamic tech industry.