A Temple – Worshipping Parents and Gaushala

Maat-Pita Gaudhaam, Shree Gyan Chand Walia

Every day when we get up and prepare ourselves for the day ahead, we forget to thank the almighty for making us capable for this day and giving us the strength to manage our tasks well. Many of us do visit the temple or recite HIS name in our hearts but, how many of us regard the love and care of our parents? Not many.

Stories from ancient times of Lord Ganesha tell us about his love for his parents when asked to circumvent the entire universe; he simply walked all around his parents acknowledging his universe to his parents. From this, we learn that apart from acknowledging God for today we should also regard our parents for their sacrifices and love for us because of which we are where we are now.

It’s interesting to know that Shree Gyan Chand Walia, an Indian, is certainly not letting the efforts of his parents go in vain. So, he has come up with a place where parents are worshipped. On the Amritsar-Delhi highway, he bought a 7-acre land where he would implement his noble thoughts in 2010. Some time ago, he met with an accident in Meerut with a cow. When he reached home injured, he realized that he had many people to take care of him and support him but what about the cow?

That day he decided to do something for all those to whom he is grateful to. In 2011, he started to worship his parents and the holy cows having the ever-giving nature. After laying the foundation stone of the Maat-Pita Gaudhaam, Shree Gyan Chand Walia built the place in honor of his parents and the cows. Here, the temple is designed in 3 parts, one is the temple, second is the cow forest and third is a hospital. The temple has its uniqueness in the fact that it’s the only temple which is dedicated to worship the parents and also takes care of the cows. The cow forest is the area for the cows where the holy animal can roam freely, and not tied, love their calves and feed them. The hospital is built to treat any injured or a cow in need. Apart from this, a 200 rooms set are under construction which will be available for those in need. A laboratory is also under construction that will research on the uses and magical cures from cow urine and cow dung.

The Maat-Pita Gaudhaam is a place that you must visit and soak its ambiance into your souls. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be even more grateful to your parents than ever before. Please follow Maat-Pita Gaudhaam on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maatpitaahgaudham/