Your Business Website Design May Be Lacking


If your business website isn’t quite producing the results you had expected, your design may be lacking.  Designing a successful business website isn’t rocket science, but there’s no exact “how-to” either.

Running a small business, in particular, probably means that you’ll be the one charged with the responsibility of building the website.  You may not be an expert, but you can do it.

Start digging into the knowledge necessary to build a vibrant web presence for your business, and read through this brief look into some of the most foundational concepts of a winning web design.  

Always include social media sharing

Social media is a super effective tool for boosting your business website’s digital visibility.  If no one can find your website online, then it’s really difficult to make any sort of lasting impression on consumers.  

Use social media to help boost awareness of your organization in the online community.  Add social media sharing icons in strategic places throughout your business website design, especially throughout your “Blog” section.  

Blog posts are great “sharing” material.  This blog for a business centered in ethics has some excellent information, but it also has some very clickable social media sharing icons.  

Design to engage communication

Communication is an indisposable concept when you’re building a successful business, and your website is an extension of those beliefs. Your website should be built to entice passing users to leave their mark.  

You want to hear what people think and experience in terms of your business, so you can augment your operations to better serve the customer.  Add more than a simple “Contact Us” page to your website.

Optimize for mobile access

You simply can’t ignore the mass influx of mobile devices on the web every day.  Your business website has to be augmented to easily adjust to the needs of mobile traffic.  Users should not have to pinch and swipe their screens to navigate your website from their mobile devices.  

Start the process of optimization by adding media queries to your design coding.  Media queries will set your site up to automatically detect and adjust to the size of the display currently accessing your content.

Learn and apply the concepts of SEO

Before you ever begin laying the foundation of your business website, you should be fully invested in learning the concepts of search engine optimization.  If you aren’t familiar with SEO, now is the time to dig into the helpful design concepts.

SEO will teach you how to design digital content that is far more visible than your former designing skills have produced.  You’ll learn how to please the Google search algorithm, so your business website will be ranked higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).