56 Secure Redefines Safety with the Launch of India’s First Ultra-Fast SOS System in Bangalore

Bengaluru, 31st August 2023: 56 Secure, India’s pioneering connected security platform, proudly introduces its Ultra-Fast SOS System, an unparalleled stride in emergency response technology. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a giant leap forward in keeping people safe. With an initial rollout encompassing 70 pin codes in Bangalore, 56 Secure takes the lead in redefining safety standards for urban living.

More than just a simple panic button, the SOS feature is deeply integrated with 56 Secure’s smart location technology, Cerebro. This system processes over seven million location data points daily to make sure safety agents are where they need to be when they need to be there. Cerebro also smartly identifies unusual activities and sends alerts, making the whole operation more effective—from deploying guards based on past incidents to choosing the best patrol routes.

In a metropolis where safety is paramount, 56 Secure’s SOS system is a game-changer. Backed by a robust 24×7 Command Centre, it uses real-time geolocation analytics to give safety agents the information they need to respond quickly to emergencies. The process starts the moment a user presses the SOS button, instantly connecting them with the nearest safety agent, while the Command Centre monitors the situation closely. Whether the issue is a medical emergency, personal safety, theft, or women’s safety, 56 Secure ensures that help is just a few minutes away. Trained for rapid de-escalation and swift response, the safety agents spring into action, locating the user in distress. Meanwhile, backup agents are on standby, poised to step in should the situation require additional support.

“Safe living is a fundamental right of every citizen”, asserts Sacheth Kadam, Co-founder of 56 Secure. Our Ultra-Fast SOS System ensures that rapid emergency response is accessible to all residents. In critical situations, every second counts, and we’re committed to providing immediate assistance.”

Highlighting the technological innovation, Harshit Sharma, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, says, “We’re thrilled to fortify Bengaluru with an unmatched protective layer through our Ultra-Fast SOS System. By harnessing the power of advanced location intelligence and data analytics, we aim for swift and efficient emergency interventions. Our ultimate vision is to set pioneering safety standards and ensure a safe environment for every resident of Bengaluru.”

56 Secure stands apart due to its relentless commitment to data-driven safety. Cerebro serves as the core of a sophisticated system that constantly refines operational efficiency, factoring in live traffic and abundant GPS data to make life-saving decisions on the spot.

With this milestone, 56 Secure solidifies its position as an industry disruptor. The Ultra-Fast SOS System stands as a remarkable testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a safer tomorrow.