AMFI September report – ETMONEY CEO reaction

“Speaking on AMFI’s September report, Mr. Mukesh Kalra, Founder and CEO, ETMONEY said, “The biggest highlight of September 2021 is that inflows via SIPs crossed Rs 10,000 crore mark for the first time. Retail Investors are exhibiting smart behaviours at the market highs as evident from the comparison of outflows as a percentage of inflows in equity mutual funds v/s hybrid funds category. This means they are using the market highs to lock their gains in equities by rebalancing their portfolios and increasing allocations to debt. Net inflows in Small cap funds being negative in comparison to other mainstream retail equity funds is in fact a positive sign as investors are showing maturity by limiting their exposure to small cap stocks due to higher valuation multiples relative to historic levels. Fixed Deposits continuing to give negative real returns has also ensured that Debt Mutual Funds are getting meaningful inflows in short and medium term fund categories. At ETMONEY too, we saw our highest ever SIP flows of Rs 220 Cr forming 40% of our total gross sales compared to industry’s contribution of approximately 30%. Thanks to SIP being the preferred mechanism at ETMONEY, our ELSS flows too grew at 3X the pace of the industry in the month of September reflecting the investing needs of the younger generation”