BNI Galaxy receives the coveted Best Chapter Award

Tollywood actress of Race Gurram and Salaar fame Kranthi Balivada (Seated 5th from Left), flanked by members of BNI Galaxy Chapter; with the coveted ‘Best Chapter Award’ received by BNI Galaxy, at Park Hyatt, today.

Hyderabad, 20th May, 2024BNI Galaxy, the most promising chapter in BNI Hyderabad region, received the coveted ‘Best Chapter Award’ for its consistent and outstanding performance across multiple parameters including referrals, thankyou notes, inductions etc. The award was formally unveiled by Tollywood actress of Race Gurram and Salaar fame Kranthi Balivada, at a glittering ceremony at Park Hyatt, today.

The four-year-old BNI Galaxy Chapter boasts fifty thriving and enterprising business owners and professionals from various trade and professions, actively engaging in business transactions. They exchanged a whopping fifteen thousand referrals among themselves, besides collaborating and growing their business through mutual support and networking initiatives.

Kranthi Balivada, after unveiling the Best Chapter Award, conferred on BNI Galaxy Chapter, said, being amidst entrepreneurs is truly heartening, as I aspired to be one in the past. Each of you is a true inspiration. Entrepreneurship is no easy journey; it demands tremendous dedication, commitment, and perseverance, yet, despite the challenges, the satisfaction it brings is immense. It’s truly overwhelming to be part of India’s growth narrative and contribute by providing employment opportunities to several others. I was once a budding entrepreneur myself, but a twist of destiny led me to Tollywood and have been enjoying the journey ever since. Had I been aware of BNI platform with its business generating referrals, I would have joined and thrived in business.

Receiving the prestigious award for being the top chapter in the region is a humongous accomplishment and inspires us to strive for even greater achievements. This provides the perfect impetus for our group to excel together and elevate our businesses to the next level. says Dr G. Satish Kumar, President, BNI Galaxy.

BNI Galaxy has always been a shining star in the BNI Hyderabad Region, known for its members’ dedication, synergy, and remarkable achievements. This Award reiterates its unparalleled commitment to excellence and serves as a testament to the hard work and collaborative approach of its members, says Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI Hyderabad.