Delhi Tops Tier 1 Sales, Bangalore Close Behind; Thane Surprises, Overtakes Mumbai in Market Shift – eCommerce Insights by Shiprocket

New Delhi, India, 15th December 2023: Shiprocket, India’s 106th unicorn, and leading eCommerce enablement platform has revealed comprehensive consumer and industry insights showcasing the eCommerce trends in 2023. Shiprocket’s analysis revealed that Personal Care emerged as the highest-selling category in 2023, closely followed by Apparel and footwear and Accessories. Together, these categories collectively accounted for a substantial 63% of sales, emphasizing their significant market presence.

According to the data, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets showcased remarkable growth rates, with Tier 2 witnessing an impressive surge from 113% in 2022 to an astounding 179% in 2023. Similarly, Tier 3 markets grew from 128% to 138%, indicating burgeoning opportunities in these segments. Mysuru, Udaipur, and Tiruppur emerged as the leading cities in Tier 2 markets, showcasing remarkable potential and growth prospects for e-commerce. Delhi topped the charts in Tier 1 cities in terms of sales volume, closely followed by Bangalore. Notably, Thane surpassed Mumbai to secure the third-largest Tier 1 market position, reflecting evolving market dynamics.

Consumers in Delhi displayed a penchant for books, spending significantly higher in this category, Meanwhile, consumers in Mumbai spend the highest on jewellery. Conversely, consumers in Haryana, Gujarat, and Goa among others exhibited a strong inclination towards mobile accessories, showcasing a distinctive spending pattern. The AOV (average order value) across states averaged at approximately ₹1700 for the entire period of 2023.

Global e-commerce Trends: Categories such as Jewellery, Beauty & Grooming, Clothing & Accessories, and Books emerged as top sellers globally in the e-commerce domain in 2023, indicating sustained consumer interest and demand. The data identified the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada as key international markets for Indian merchants, presenting significant opportunities for market expansion and growth. Variations in Average Order Values were observed across markets, with the United States recording the highest AOV at ₹3,493 and Canada reporting the lowest at ₹1,404.