Emoha Elder Care launches #EldersFirstDiwali campaign

Emoha (2)

Emoha Elder Care, a technology-powered platform enabling elders to age with grace and relevance today launched its unique #EldersFirstDiwali campaign. The campaign urges people to keep elders as first priority and seeks their support to make this Diwali special.

The current COVID pandemic and the strict social distancing norms has led to unparalleled fear and uncertainty, especially among the elderly. This campaign highlights the urgent need to help them stay connected, feel involved, purposeful, and less lonely and most importantly ensure that they are a part of the cheer around the festival of lights – Diwali.

The campaign’s core theme is in sync with the platform’s ideology of #EldersFirst. Founded in January 2019, the platform acts as a gateway for elders to stay safe, secure and engaged while in their homes.

The Diwali campaign’s latest video begins with the heart-warming images of an old woman living alone, reminiscing and cherishing the memories of the past. It goes on to show how she suddenly gets baffled on the assumption that a naughty kid in her neighbourhood is trying to disturb her and intrude into her privacy. The moment she steps out of her home, she ends up getting pleasantly surprised after seeing a delicately made Rangoli at her doorstep by the same kid and that brings immense joy to her.

As a part of #EldersFirstDiwali campaign, the platform will be bringing a series of videos showcasing snippets of everyday lives of the elderly in current times. The overall theme of #EldersFirst will continue to dominate the rest of the month as well.

Commenting on the commencement of the campaign, Saumyajit Roy, Founder, Emoha Elder Care said, “It is important to view this campaign through a much larger prism of the inherent challenges that elders in India face today. Most elders find themselves extremely vulnerable in the current situation and are anxious about the thought of being held up in their homes. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create an elder focused support system that not only gives positive energy but also brings the much-needed smile”.

Saumyajit Roy, added, “With this campaign, we are asking everyone to go and help an elder in their vicinity – it could involve helping them buy or putting up lights, do a household chore or even make a Rangoli for them or do anything else to bring a smile on their faces. It stems from a simple thought, we are just asking neighbours, friends and families to put elders at the forefront of the festivities around Diwali and bring the much-needed cheer in their lives.”