Existing large women communities find their true space on coto

Muktitasking Mommies

National, September 2022: Women-centric communities across diverse genres including Indian Expats in Dubai, UrbanDesiWomen NFT, Women Social Ahmedabad, Multitasking Mommies, Stree Rides, Wondrous Women, We for Women, along with many others have joined coto to continue conversations on entrepreneurship, empowerment, parenting, mental health, safety, and more.

Women-exclusive networks, formed by women and for women, are only getting stronger by the day. After all, women’s communities are unique spaces where women can speak their minds freely, build meaningful connections, share authentic information, entertain themselves and grow as people.

coto, a web3 based social community platform envisions building a trustworthy, transparent, and decentralised world where women hold the power to make a difference.

In addition to women professionals, experts and social media influencers building their communities on coto, the platform has become home to a multitude of women’s communities that existed on Web2 platforms or as offline communities. Unique communities built around common interests such as travelling, trekking, art, personal finance to parenting groups and support groups to those that discuss mental and sexual wellbeing, diverse communities have chosen coto as their destination to interact freely without any judgement.

Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder, coto said, “Being part of a thriving and supportive community has the potential to bring out the best in each one of us as women. We are delighted that some of the most vibrant women’s communities from across interest areas have chosen coto as their platform to come together.”

Here’s how existing communities can thrive on coto: 

coto offers community creators an opportunity to not only build a network in a free and safe space but to also monetize by creating paid communities, offering paid services or through social commerce.

Discovery, recommendation to the right audience, monetization avenues beyond brand associations as well complete transparency and ownership of their community are some of coto’s unique features

Staying true to its democratic principles, coto not only gives a platform and opportunity to community creators who build spaces and trigger conversations, but also to their members who get a chance to engage in peer-to-peer interactions and earn rewards.

Here’s what communities onboarded on coto have to say about why they chose the platform: 

Hyderabad-based Archana Chigullapally who runs a community of women bikers called StreeRides shares, “Women bike riders are usually looked down upon, as a bike is considered mainly a man’s vehicle. Our community on coto is meant for all women bikers to express their passion for riding, share their travel experiences freely and safely, in a no judgement space.

Dubai-based Anul Mundra who runs a vibrant community Indian Expats in Dubai, said, “Living in a new city can be quite an overwhelming experience. This community gives an opportunity to Indians living in Dubai to network and seek opportunities and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.”

Presilla Sadhoe, Founder, NFT community UrbanDesiWomen said, “Women account for only around 5% of NFT artists in the world and there is a clear lack of diversity in this space. coto is sure to become the space where that change happens – an inclusive space offering value creation for all members.”

Dr. Pratibha Lakshmi, social activist and founder of We for Women, said, “There is a lot of scope for raising awareness around postpartum practices and maternity among women in India. The community on coto will ensure a safe space where women can ask questions and voice their concerns regarding them.”

Along with being a medical practitioner, Dr. Pratibha Lakshmi is a writer and feminist whose community We For Women works for women empowerment.

Anissa Nabi, founder of Wondrous Women who runs a community for women from Jammu said, “A healthy woman is a beautiful woman, and it’s never too late to get fit. Through my community, I want to raise awareness around the importance of exercise among women who are yet to start their fitness journey.”

Anissa is a taxation officer and a fitness enthusiast and believes that women tend to shed inhibitions and open up when they are with a group of like-minded women.

Khushbu Majithia who runs Women Social Ahmedabad said, “Helping women entrepreneurs further their aspirations is our core vision. coto enables community creators to monetize through Web3. We want members of our community to benefit from the merits of Web3.”

Women Social Ahmedabad’s mission is to empower, encourage, and inspire women entrepreneur and female business owners.

Vaishali Vaishnav entrepreneur and founder, Multitasking Mommies from Ahmedabad, said, “Innovative monetization avenues and opportunities for all of my members is what drew me to coto giving women a chance to become financially independent.”

Multitasking Mommies is a community where women support, inspire, and motivate each other.