New Delhi: eXp Realty, a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI), one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate companies in the world, has announced that it has expanded its collaborative, cloud-based real estate brokerage model into India, under the eXp India banner. It is now looking to expand its presence across India by attracting agents across all states of the country. eXp Realty has recorded a robust growth in the US and other high-value international markets and expects to sustain the momentum in India.

India is among the countries that eXp Global had identified for expansion by the end of 2020. In the last two months, eXp has expanded into five countries- India, Mexico, South Africa, Portugal and France. eXp Realty is also present in the US, Canada, Australia. The development comes as eXp Realty crosses a milestone of 40,000 agents on its cloud-based platform.

On the occasion of eXp’s expansion into India, Michael Valdes, President, eXp Global, said: “We are excited to bring our innovative and proven model to India. Given its pool of over 1 million agents, India is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world and is perfectly poised to benefit from our agent-centric model. We have already received a phenomenal response after formally establishing operations and our preliminary marketing efforts. In addition to increased revenue opportunities the model brings to agents in India, our focus will be to provide access to our cloud-based brokerage and virtual technology to help deliver valuable marketing resources and position our agents for the future of real estate.”

“Our immersive-cloud-based model will revolutionize the real estate landscape in India. Our next-generation offerings of a propriety suite of cloud-based marketing resources will augment the revenue opportunities for real estate agents in India,” said Shashank Vashishtha, Executive Director, India.

eXp realty offers a lucrative and one-of-a-kind financial model for commercial and real estate agents, including revenue sharing and equity ownership opportunities, over and above 80-100% commission.

The partnership model offers an exclusive suite of marketing resources, including the company’s cloud-based virtual environment and customized technology platform that enhances virtual prospecting, sales, training and communications for agents.