Orientbell Tiles launches ‘Paris’ and ‘Versalia’ – new Double Charge Tiles

Luxury office hall with city view, computers on wooden table and decorative columns. Workplace and company concept. 3D Rendering

New Delhi: Orientbell Tiles – a leader in the tile manufacturing industry introduces two new series – Paris and Versalia in their Double Charge range of tiles. The Paris series draws inspiration from the French monuments that are unique symbols of its heritage & culture. On the other hand, Versalia brings to you an exquisite range of neutral tones, apt for a modern classy look.

The Paris series brings together designs taking cues from the rich heritage of France, including Paris Bianco, inspired by The Basilica of the Sacred Heart; Paris Crema, emulating the stunning color of The Arc de Triomphe; Paris Cherry, inspired by the rustic reddish tone of The Eiffel Tower and Paris Carbon, inspired by the famous bronze sculpture – ‘The Thinker’.

The Versalia series offers subtle tones like Versalia Sandune, Versalia Rosa and Versalia Ash that add a soothing look to your space.

Manufactured using nano technology, these Double Charge Vitrified Tiles have two layers fused together for added strength and shine. These tiles come with a high gloss finish, are highly durable, easy to clean and to maintain. The Paris series tiles are offered in 600x600mm size, while the Versalia series tiles are available in 800x800mm size. Whether it be residential apartments or commercial spaces, Orientbell Tiles’ Double charge are the best choice for your spaces.

“The Paris range is inspired from the architectural marvels in France. And the Versalia range will give spaces a modern classy look.” – Mr. Alok Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orientbell Tiles.