Smaart Eats introduces Smaart Rice Straws in the Indian market

Smaart Eats

We will all agree that our planet has had enough of plastic waste choking it day in and day out. Needless to say, single-use plastic straws are one of the largest contributors to global environmental pollution and even the extinction of a variety of marine life. It is high time that we all came together to stop the use of plastic straws in order to combat the detrimental effects of plastic-based environmental pollution. Hence, Smaart Eats—a revolutionary and innovative company dedicated to providing healthy and hygienic meals to society by considering the well-being and convenience of people—has launched Smaart Rice Straw™! Now, you can conveniently use 100% edible, biodegradable, and affordable straws made of high-quality rice to enjoy your drinks.

The texture of these durable rice straws is harder than the regular plastic straws, so they won’t melt in your drinks when you’re using them. They’re also available in a variety of sizes (6.5, 8, and 13 mm) and appealing colours (grey, white, purple, green, and orange). Made from high-quality rice grains, they are perfectly safe for human consumption. You can even use them to feed your pet fishes! What’s more, with almost no odour, these rice straws remain perfectly neutral and will not alter the taste of your drinks. After use, you can conveniently dispose of them as regular straws and would not have to worry about environmental pollution anymore as they get decomposed easily after use. While paper straws contribute to deforestation and steel straws may cause health issues such as oral infections or even gastrointestinal diseases if not cleaned properly, the easy-to-use Smaart Rice Straw™has been tested to be absolutely safe and hygienic. Thus, with the dire need for change in order to save our planet, we now have a great solution that perfectly fits in our lifestyle and does not require us to change our habits drastically. All you have to do is simply say no to plastic straws and switch over to rice straws!

Vishal Laddha, Co-Founder, Partner & CEO, Smaart Eats, said, “The extent of pollution and environmental damage caused by plastic straws is daunting. We believe in sustainable and healthy living without compromising on our overall lifestyle when it comes to food consumption, and realized that people are willing to take a step forward towards protecting our planet but do not have sufficient choices at their disposal. Hence, we introduced rice straws that are a perfect and easy replacement for plastic or even steel straws. Our rice straws are ideal for today’s fast-paced world where people can easily use them and not think twice about how these straws fare in the whole degradation process. That’s because rice straws are 100% biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. We urge the world to embrace our innovative product to make our planet a better place to live.”

Restaurants, food manufacturers, and even homes now have the perfect option for contributing to the unified cause of reducing plastic pollution by embracing the innovative and affordable Smaart Rice Straws that are here to help make a difference and make this world a better place.