Statement by Padma Shri, Dr A Sakthivel, Chairman,AMHSSC, on PM-VishwakarmaYojna for the Tailors in the country

The Apparel, Made-Ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) wholeheartedly commend the Hon’ble Prime Minister for the visionary launch of the PM-VishwakarmaYojna on  September 17, 2023 ; a momentous step that brings immense promise to the apparel industry and its artisans. This initiative offers a range of remarkable benefits tailored to the specific needs of our skilled artisans in the apparel sector:

  1. Enhancing Apparel Quality, Scale, and Reach: PM-VishwakarmaYojna is a thoughtfully crafted initiative of the Govt of India to empower artisans in the apparel industry, enabling them to improve the quality, scale, and reach of their products while seamlessly integrating into the MSME value chain.
  2. Comprehensive Govt Support: The scheme provides vital govt support encompassing financial assistance by way of loans of Rs 1 and 2 lac, advanced skill training, expertise in modern digital techniques, and adopting eco-friendly green technologies.
  3. Boosting Brand Recognition: The scheme strongly emphasizes promoting the brands of our skilled artisans, offering them greater visibility and recognition both locally and globally, which is pivotal for the apparel industry’s growth.
  4. Strengthening Market Connections: By establishing robust linkages with local and global markets, artisans gain access to a broader consumer base, thereby expanding market reach and potential.
  5. Empowering Remote Artisans: Recognizing the immense potential of artisans in remote areas, Prime Minister Modiri’s call to action encourages stakeholders to devise plans that unlock their abilities as suppliers and producers for the MSME sector through skill development and quality training.

In conclusion, the PM-VishwakarmaYojna is a tailor-made initiative announced by the Hon’ble PM that bolsters the apparel industry and empowers its skilled artisans and professionals by enhancing product quality, market access, and overall well-being. This monumental step aligns perfectly with AMHSSC’s dedication to fostering growth, equity, and prosperity within the apparel sector. It marks a significant stride toward a brighter future for all in the apparel industry, and we stand united with the government in celebrating this transformative endeavour.