Story Untold of T-app – But That Needs to Be Heard

T-app – B2B app that connects the distributors and retailers on a local level With Huge Potential needs funding T-app is developed aiming to connect business with business. The idea is simply to drive the business across connecting a platform like hyper-local connecting customers with businesses. In the case of T-app, it connects distributors with retailers on the local lever so that the business flourishes further. A business network is key for any business ecosystem. And, it is the same for the business thriving at the local level.

Unlike, big businesses retailers don’t have business networks at local levels. The app will bridge the gap between distributors and retailers. The prototype model is ready and the startup is looking for mentors and co-founders to drive it further making it a successful one. The three founders lost their money and a lot of time working on this business model. Of late, the would like to restructure it and make a better idea.

The startup is also looking for strategic collaboration with startups, entrepreneurs and investors to make it a profit model.

Why and how the startup founders started this App – T-app?

Backed by the experience of maintaining a family business for a decade, an entrepreneur with the support of his wife and a common friend based in Gujarat found out that there is a need for B2B app that connects the distributors and retailers on a local level. Ground work is already done and has come up with a unique business model and a lot of time and funds were invested during the development stage.

The founder found that during the Covid – Lockdown, which brought the picture of reality in front of his eyes, people are in need of blood for plasma and other treatments. Blood is life saver and scarcity of blood on a global level and millions, breathing their last, because of that.

To help the patients, the founder of the app, planned to start “Helping hand” a community services, but that could not launched due to financial strains. The idea was to connect the patients in deed of blood with blood donors. They planned to use Google Map to connecting the dots. With the service, donors could have easily reached the patients in need of blood in a specific radius or in other words in their locality by filling up forms and by getting required notifications.

The founders of the app believe that it is the finance that drives any business not any degree from a reputed educational institute.

If you are passionate to working with T-app as a mentor, investors or cofounder, please do reach us.

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